How to reduce dry callus

How to reduce dry callus
Some people are faced with such a problem as dry corn on the skin. The reasons for its appearance are different, for example, thickening of the skin can occur due to friction or constant pressure. Most often, these calluses appear on the legs and hands.

You will need
  • – soda;
  • – baby soap;
  • – emollient cream;
  • – water;
  • – таз или другая емкость;
  • – garlic;
  • – vinegar;
  • – propolis;
  • – resin of coniferous tree;
  • – An adhesive plaster;
  • – Pumice or special brush.
First of all, choose comfortable shoes. Go for a purchase later in the evening, because the foot due to walking in the afternoon a little swelling. As a consequence, you can safely wear shoes in the evening, without fearing that it will rub your skin.

Consult a dermatologist for corn can be affected by fungal disease. In this case, you will need a comprehensive treatment.

If you saw that the skin is just beginning to get rough, try to soften it in Home conditions. For this, daily for 10 days do soap-soda foot baths. Pour into the deep container (basin, bath) water 40оС. Add baking soda (on 1 a liter of water 1 a teaspoonful). After that, lower your legs, hold it a little. Then soap the feet with baby soap, rub the coarsened skin with a special brush or pumice stone. Rinse your feet, wipe it with a towel and apply a softening foot cream. The same can be done with the hands.

Чтобы удалить dry corn, do various compresses. For example, take garlic (of the order of 2-3 tooth), 750 ml of wine vinegar. Mix the ingredients and put the mixture for two weeks in a dark cool place. As soon as the remedy is ready, take a piece of natural cloth, moisten it in a tincture and attach it to the corn. Wrap it with a plastic wrap and leave it for 8-10 hours (preferably compress at night).

If corn just start to appear, lubricate the place with tomato or celandine juice, diluted with pork oil in the proportion of 1: 1.

Также вы можете использовать натуральный прополис. Для этого при помощи пемзы и мыльно-содовой ванночки снимите верхний слой огрубевшей кожи, приложите смолистое вещество на проблемный участок и зафиксируйте его лейкопластырем. По тому же принципу можете использовать смолу хвойного дерева.

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