How to recognize the myths about losing weight

How to recognize the myths about losing weight
Buy our powder from the root of the Central Asian dandelion! Only he, and 2 L of water a day will make you slim! Causes a sad smile? Probably, you have already been caught on the bait of sellers of inefficient goods, and want to know how to recognize the myths about losing weight? Then let's get started!

You will need
  • Собственный паспорт, весы, сантиметровая лента, учебник физиологии человека любого автора, доступ в Интернет из дома
We open the passport and carefully look at the "date of birth". You are not 5 years old? Why, choosing goods slimming, you do not browse the site with multivars and simulators? Do not be upset – most people tend to look for the simplest option.

We open the textbook of human physiology, the chapter on the physiology of nutrition and carefully read. There, we learn that you can lose weight, only consuming less energy with food than you spend during the day. In the same place, we learn that there are no products with "negative caloric content and fat burning properties". There are simply very low-calorie vegetables, lean meat, cottage cheese and yogurt, as well as cereals and fruits. All of them are perfectly absorbed by our body, and can "cause weight gain" if there are more than energy requirements. Now loudly and distinctly we say to ourselves: "All other information about losing weight is a myth! "

А теперь тестируем все методики losing weight, diet, and training programs for "mythology." We are weighed and measure body volumes, this will be needed for further calculations. We rely on any site for their daily energy needs, in the same place – "coming" of calories with this or that diet, and "expense" with these or other exercises. All! You learned how to stop trusting vendors of unknown roots. Now it's up to the little one – pick up your physical activity, which will be like it, remove the sources of "empty calories" from the diet and start to monitor the amount of servings. In a few months you can also sell myths about your wonderful weight loss, if you want.

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