How to raise the corners of your lips

How to raise the corners of your lips
Опушенные corners lips give the person a dull and dissatisfied expression. This defect arises with age or may be a consequence of the individual anatomical structure of the face. Get rid of the shortage can be radically, resorting to surgical or injection correction. The temporary effect is achieved thanks to lipstick and contour pencil.

You will need
  • – surgical intervention;
  • – injections;
  • – make-up.
If you decide to take drastic measures, register for a consultation with a plastic surgeon. There are two types of surgical techniques: the elevator root and muscle correction. Corner lift is the excision of small areas of skin and muscles over the top lipsы, выходящих на несколько миллиметров за границу внешнего уголка. Благодаря процедуре линия lips rises upward. Intervention is performed under local or general anesthesia and lasts 30-40 minutes. The main stitches are removed on 3-th – 4-th day, and the last thread is removed on 7-th day. Do not use makeup for 7 days after surgery. To accelerate the healing of the scar and prevent the formation of a keloid scar, lightly press the pads of the fingers onto the correction zone, starting from 5-6 the day after the operation. This correction is perfectly suitable for patients of middle age and older. After it may remain a small imperceptible scar.

The technique that cuts muscle (muscle correction) is suitable for both women and men. The operation does not leave any scars. In this case, the incision is carried out through the mouth, on the inside of the cheek. The procedure lasts 30-40 minutes under local or general anesthesia. Sutures are removed on the 6 day.

If you do not want to resort to surgery, refer to injection techniques. Solve the problem by introducing the corners lips gel or contour plastic preparations. Ask the expert about introducing into the problem areas of your own fat, taken from the thighs, buttocks or abdomen. Thanks to this technique, you do not need a rehabilitation period, and you will immediately see the result. If you enter a gel, the effect will last about a year, your own fat will save the result for life.

Raise corners mouth can be resorted to injections Botox. You will be puncture along the muscle, just above the edge of the lower jaw. The effect will be achieved by relaxing the muscle, because of which they drop corners mouth. After a year, repeat the procedure.

Достичь зрительного эффекта можно при помощи макияжа. Используя помаду и карандаш для lips, pry corners lips. Apply a pencil on the corners mouth and draw well the lower contour. Align lipss and apply lipstick. To achieve maximum effect, apply gloss for lips.

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