How to raise the corners of the eyes

How to raise the corners of the eyes
Missed corners eye Is a problem that many women face. This is due to the fact that the circular muscle eyeand over time loses its elasticity and begins to delay the skin. This gives the person a tired expression, adds a few extra years. There are several ways to solve this problem.

The fastest way to lift corners eye – do it with the help of skillful make-up. Draw the inner eyelid and draw the arrow up, the lower eyelid is closer to the lower corner eyebut lightly tint in the shadows of dark tones (before the arrow). When you paint the outer corner eyebut, leave the free line of your lower eyelid (do not connect the lower and upper arrows), and after applying the shadows on the upper eyelid, brighten towards the temple a clear strip from the corner eyebut to the edge of the eyebrow.

Do gymnastics for eye, reinforcing eyemuscle. 1. Quickly close your eyes tight. So you can repeat on 100 times, several times a day.
2. Place your index fingers on the side edges eyeprostrate and press them to the head. Slowly and strongly shut your eyes, without moving your fingers from the muscles.
3. To the bottom edges eyeprostrate the lower ribs of the palms, slowly and strongly squeeze.
4. To the top edge eyeprostrate the lower ribs of the palms, slowly and strongly squeeze, without moving your hands with eyeThese exercises should be performed systematically from 50 to 100 times.

The most radical method of raising corners eye – блефаропластика (от греч. blepharon – веко). Проблема решается с помощью пластической операции, которая called "cantopexy". This procedure is not cheap (about 30 000 rubles) and to some extent risky. If everything goes well, you will permanently get rid of this cosmetic defect. The effect is achieved as a result of tightening of the circular muscle eyea.

Вы можете сделать кантопексию, предварительно обследовавшись у своего терапевта на отсутствие противопоказаний к подобным операциям. У вас не должно быть заболеваний, которые в случае оперативного вмешательства могли бы вызвать отек века. После проведения кантопексии около суток вам придется провести в клинике, чтобы врач смог проконтролировать динамику вашего состояния. Рубцы после такой операции мало заметны, сначала они прячутся в складках век, а затем и вовсе сходят на нет.

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