How to quickly whiten teeth

How to quickly whiten teeth
Beautiful white teeth are the key to an attractive smile. Therefore, the procedure for their bleaching becomes very popular in the modern world. Dentists do it quickly and painlessly, and the result exceeds all expectations.

Remove the yellow patch from the white teeth with ultrasound cleaning of the mouth. This procedure is absolutely safe for enamel. As a result, you will get rid of not only from the raid, but from tartar. Чтобы поддерживать эффект, вам достаточно будет чередовать пасты с различным содержанием активных компонентов. Или раз в неделю очищать появившийся налет с помощью щетки и измельченного в порошок activated coal.

Another fast and harmless technology Teeth whitening is called "Air Flow". Close to the teeth, the doctor brings a small nozzle, from which, under the influence of pressure, an air-abrasive jet with a fine powder based on sodium bicarbonate leaves. Due to this particle flow, the enamel is cleaned from any kind of pigmentation. It is not recommended to use this method for patients with respiratory system diseases, and also if there is an allergy to citrus fruits, since the powder has a lemon flavor.

Professional Zoom-whitening is carried out by affecting the teeth световым лучом с определенной длиной излучения. Сначала на эмаль наносят специальный гель, от которого и произошло название метода. Он на четверть состоит из перекиси водорода. Под влияние света температура геля увеличивается, способствуя высвобождению кислорода, который проникает в эмаль и отбеливает ее. После процедуры доктор пропитывает поверхность зубов фтором для их укрепления. В среднем, таким способом можно добиться осветления на пять-семь тонов.

During laser whitening, the doctor illuminates each tooth with the gel applied separately, which gives the maximum result, because in this way the action of the chemical substance and the laser itself is combined with the pigments. After the prophylactic application of the fluoride-containing paste on the enamel, you will be allowed to go home.

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