How to quickly tighten the skin

How to quickly tighten the skin
The skin can become uneven and flabby for several reasons. For example, due to a sharp weight loss, due to age changes, after childbirth and even because of a lack of vitamins. Quickly get rid of this problem only by surgical means. But this option, of course, is not suitable for everyone. Pull up skin you can and yourself. For this you need to exercise regularly, lead a correct lifestyle, do massage and use tightening and nourishing cream.

You will need
  • – подтягивающие крема;
  • – sea salt;
  • – essential oils.
Two or three times a week, go in for sports. It is best to visit the gym, doing exercises on aerobic simulators, because with their help you will quickly pull up skin. Чередуйте занятия. Например, один день вы даете нагрузку всем мышцам, которые находятся выше талии. Во время следующего – тренируете мышцы, находящиеся ниже талии.
regularly exercise

If you do not have the opportunity to attend gyms, do sports at home. Create for yourself a complex, in which there will be exercises aimed at tightening the skin in all problem areas. If the skin fell over Abdomen – perform twisting if on hips – Do slopes with dumbbells, etc.

Instead of sports, you can do dancing, aerobics or yoga. Visit a few classes of each sport to see which one will be best for you.

Eat right. If you eat macaroni with fat sauce and sweet rolls, tighten skin будет очень сложно. Откажитесь от высококалорийных блюд. В ваш рацион должно входить нежирное мясо (лучше отварное или приготовленное на пару), молочные продукты, фрукты, овощи, зелень и орехи. Употребляйте в пищу продукты, богатые антиоксидантами, ведь именно они возвращают коже тонус. Каждый день выпивайте не менее 2-х литров воды или зеленого чая, ведь наш организм почти на 70% состоит из воды. И чтобы сохранить молодость, нужно большое количество свежей и чистой воды.
The diet should be a maximum of fruits and vegetables

For problem areas of the skin, use pull-up creams. They should include the following components: retinol, caffeine, natural plant extracts and vitamins. The cream should be applied twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. And twice a week with them it is desirable to do massage or wrapping. Do not forget to regularly change the cream, tk. the skin very quickly gets used to the same composition and stops responding to it properly.

Weekly visit the bath or take a bath with sea salt. This will remove harmful substances from the body and lead skin in a tonus. A few drops of any essential oil can be added to the bath to increase the effectiveness of this procedure.
After bath the skin will become soft and smooth

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