How to quickly sunbathe in the sun

How to quickly sunbathe in the sun
Having got out in the sun, it would be desirable to receive as soon as possible an equal sunburn of a beautiful shade. But it is also important not to harm the body. In order to quickly sunbathe, you should use cosmetic and folk remedies, as well as adhere to a certain diet.

On obtaining a beautiful tan you need to take care before you go out into the sun.

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Before you go to the beach, you need to cleanse your skin with a scrub, especially on your feet. The procedure will remove the dead particles. On the peeled skin, the tan is more smooth and lasts longer.

If you want to quickly get sunburned, rest better on the shore of the reservoir. The water surface reflects ultraviolet rays, which enhances their effect on the skin.

On the beach should actively spend time, while sunburn will be uniform, and the likelihood of burns will decrease. Fans of sunbathing in a horizontal position will not stop turning over on their backs or on their stomachs. Sunbathing is better at a safe time – in the morning (before 11) and evening (after 16) hours.

In order to quickly tan, you can use cosmetics – creams and lotions. They not only enhance tanning, but also moisturize and nourish the skin. Such means include coconut oil. Applying it to the skin will make it possible to tan faster. However, using it, stay in the sun should not be longer than 30 minutes, so as not to get burned.

You can independently make coffee oil, enhancing tan. For its preparation, it is necessary to prepare a mixture of 50 g of natural ground coffee and 100 g of peanut butter in a glass jar. Close the lid and stand a week. After that, the oil is filtered and you can use it, applying on the body for half an hour before going out into the sun.

Foods that are eaten are also capable of influencing the susceptibility of the skin to sunburn, tk. they stimulate the formation of melanin.

Quickly tan will help the use of carrots and carrot juice, apricots, tomatoes, eggplant, spinach, cheese, citrus juices.

To speed up sunburn on the legs, which often remain white, you do not need to wipe them after bathing. Droplets of water are lenses that attract sunlight.

The application of all the recommendations will help to quickly tan and do not harm the skin.

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