How to quickly remove wrinkles in 2018 year

How to quickly remove wrinkles in 2018 year
I want as long as possible to stay beautiful and young. But over time, the true age of a person gives out wrinkles. Therefore, the face and body need to look carefully, especially after 30. True, if wrinkles pronounced, then in order to quickly remove them, without special cosmetic procedures can not do.

Лазерное rejuvenation позволит быстро и безболезненно приостановить процесс старения и снова сделает вашу кожу гладкой и упругой. В основе этого метода природные принципы омоложения. С их помощью для восстановления кожного покрова будут задействованы собственные силы организма. Лазер запускает активную выработку коллагена и эластина. Эти вещества позволяют эффективно бороться с морщинами и хорошо разглаживают кожу, особенно вокруг глаз.

Get rid of wrinkles with the modern technique of facial rejuvenation – mesotherapy. During the procedure, the cosmetologist injects special preparations and vitamins under the skin. They may differ for each patient, because the nature of the problems is different for everyone. They include antioxidants, amino acids, trace elements, etc. Drugs are introduced to a depth of 1-5 mm in the problem area of ??the face. To do this, use thin needles. After the procedure, elastin and collagen begin to be actively developed. Your skin will become more fit, youthful and supple.

Make rejuvenating injections of Botox. They will smooth the mimic wrinkles almost instantly. This procedure applies not only to women in their ages, but also to young girls, поскольку такие wrinkles appear because of the squinting of the eyes in the sun, the frowning brows and the fact that you wrinkle your forehead during laughter. The method is recognized all over the world and is considered effective in fighting wrinkles around the eyes and other mimic wrinkles.

Take the chemical peeling procedure. Under the action of special acids, the upper layers of the skin are removed, which stimulates the production of collagen by the body.

To combat wrinkles, gilauric acid is also used. Many means for injections have it in its composition. You can take a course of injections, and if wrinkles are not very deep, you can get by with gels and creams with a small concentration of acid.

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