How to quickly remove the suction on the neck

How to quickly remove the suction on the neck
Suck – an incidental phenomenon of amorous pleasures, meets often, brings joy little, disappears a long time. However, with the help of simple manipulations and patience, the problem can be solved and cleaned up quickly.

How to get rid of improvised means

Quickly remove the suction can be with the help of ice or something cold. Put a suck – do not waste time. Ice from the freezer wrapped in polyethylene, is applied to the redness. A bruise, which is sure to appear later, will not be bright and will quickly disappear.

Kashitsa of baking soda and water, imposed in the first minutes to the place of sucking, will avoid bruising. All will be limited to reddening, which will quickly disappear.

Fresh juice of onions can quickly remove sucking. To do this, you need to cut the bulb in half and rub the place of a passionate kiss with a fresh cut. After some time, refresh the slice and again process the place of sucking. So you can repeat it several times, if only as much as possible of fresh onion juice gets on the damaged place. Easy tingling in the place of a kiss will have to suffer.

A cut piece of raw beef is considered a good means for absorbing the suck. You need to put the meat on the place with a fresh cut and leave it for 15 minutes. The procedure should be repeated every hour.

The freshly applied sucking can be quickly removed if you rub the damaged area with vinegar. The more fresh the suck, the greater the probability of its complete disappearance.

How to remove swine with medication

There are medicines that can quickly remove sucking. These are various ointments that have heparin in their composition, and a cream with vitamin K. After using them, the vessels narrow and the redness decreases. With caution and strictly according to the instructions, you can use "bodyguard", as it causes a burn on the skin.

It is known that iodine activates blood circulation. Therefore, the iodine mesh in place of the suction accelerates its resorption. To avoid a burn, do not draw cells on areas with thin skin, for example, the neck.

Remove the suction with a compress and massage

To quickly remove the suck, it is recommended to rub the damaged area regularly with your fingers or a soft toothbrush wrapped with nylon. This massage should be done carefully, with gentle movements, without any effort, so that the reverse process does not begin – an increase in the hematoma.

You can alternate between hot and cold compresses for half an hour. This temperature contrast is effective immediately after reddening. During the day several times to do this procedure.

Other ways to clean up the suction

The easiest way is to smear the place with a toothpaste and let it dry completely. As a result, the dried paste disappears, the rests must be gently washed off with water. Substances in the toothpaste accelerate the healing process of the hematoma.

Quickly remove the suction will help with lotion with an extract of aloe. This will require alcohol and fresh plant leaves. Here the main thing is the methodicalness and perseverance in the desire to get rid of the traces of love.

Do not forget about make-up. You can mask the sucking with a tonal cream or lipstick. A man can simply glue a place with a band-aid with a passionate kiss and write off everything for an unsuccessful shave. Collars-racks or turtlenecks help to close the neck from prying eyes.


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