How to quickly remove the second chin

How to quickly remove the second chin
Unfortunately, the second chin can arise not only because of the fullness, but also due to genetic predisposition. It is possible to get rid of it at home, without surgery. Depending on the age and your body, the number of exercises and their duration may be different. In any case, there is an exit, as well as examples of many women who successfully practice this technique.

Charge for your chin:

– The most common and effective exercise of "Slapping". They need to be performed by the back sides of the hands. Fingers are tightly pressed against each other, and the hands are tense. Movement alternately, fast, in the direction from the neck to the face. "Easy drainage" of the chin skin, until you feel a slight numbness in it, a minimum of 1-2 minutes. This exercise can be done many times throughout the day.

– Very strongly pull the muscles of the chin for 5-10 seconds, with his head up, and then relax. Repeat each exercise 7-10 times.

– Pulling your lips forward, you need to clearly pronounce the sounds "o, y, and". Alternately, straining and relaxing, repeat each sound 7-10 times.

– Quite effective movements of the head in different directions, as if "drawing" the cross, with alternating tension and relaxation of the muscles of the chin.

15-20 minutes of daily lessons (they can be divided into 10 minutes in the morning and in the evening) will relieve you of excess roundness of the face in a few months. Do not be upset because of the length of time, because any healthy form requires constant attention and training. That is, to maintain a healthy spirit in a healthy body, you need a bit of discipline and persistence.

To make these procedures more pleasant and effective, you can add to them nutritious and tightening masks and wraps.

Thick mashed potatoes mix with half a spoonful of salt and 1 a teaspoon of honey. Another warm mass is applied to the chin (to the middle of the neck) and tied with a gauze or fabric bandage for 30-40 minutes.

Masks made from cosmetic clay can be made with the addition of milk to moisturize and nourish the skin.

Contrasting wraps with a strong broth of St. John's wort and oak bark. For 10-15 minutes, alternately apply cold and very hot gauze dressings moistened in a decoction to the chin. At the end of the procedure, rinse your neck with cool water or the same decoction.

The above procedures take up to a maximum of 30 minutes, and the effect and joy of the elastic skin and tightened chin will lift the mood all day long.

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