How to quickly remove the abdomen after childbirth at home

How to quickly remove the abdomen after childbirth at home
After the appearance of the baby, the newly mum is in a state of vague anxiety – for a little man, further care and, of course, his own appearance. To say about the condition of the stomach can be a short – hanging bag. Of course, gradually the muscles, tissues and skin will come back to tone again. You just need to help the body a little to remove the sagging belly after giving birth at home.

What will help restore the elasticity and beauty of the stomach?

Stringing the abdominal muscles, a young mother feels that they are and work. The abdomen is drawn inwards, but there are still fat folds resembling a kangaroo pouch. 9 months fatty layer on the belly protected the child, served as a kind of protection. And now, when she fulfilled her function, it is logical that the woman begins to look for options, how to remove belly after childbirth quickly and efficiently.

Most women who have just become mothers have absolutely no time for regular classes in sports clubs. The belly does not care why it hangs – whether it's childbirth or a lot of pizza. Physical loads will be the same. Just remember that after giving birth, start practicing sports preferably in a month or even later. The body slowly begins to burn fat cells (especially with GV), and the woman will need only a little help.

What should I do to reduce my stomach?

Thinking about how to clean the abdomen after childbirth, remember that the emphasis should be on exercise. Below are the most effective of them:

1) Press tension. Conveniently this exercise is that it can be done always and everywhere (standing, sitting, walking, changing a diaper, washing dishes). Just pull in your stomach and hold 20 seconds, gradually increase the time.

2) Pelvic lift. Lying on the floor, press firmly back and bend your knees. Try to lift the pelvis as high as you can. Hold 20 seconds. Further more.

3) Squats against the wall. With your shoulders and back against the wall, slide smoothly down it. As soon as you reach the parallel of the hips with the floor, return as slowly as possible to the starting position. Do not be cunning, helping yourself with your hands!

4) Pushups with a retracted abdomen.

5) A classic exercise with a back lift from the floor. Works out a large number of muscles responsible for the appearance of the tummy. However, it is contraindicated immediately after childbirth – wait 1-1,5 months to not cause harm to health.

In fat burning, nutrition can help: emphasis on protein and plant foods, more water, a hearty breakfast, a balanced lunch, a modest dinner.

Following these tips, you can get rid of the sagging tummy and make the skin beautiful and supple.

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