How to quickly remove stretch marks on the skin

How to quickly remove stretch marks on the skin
Stretch marks are strips that occur on different parts of the body due to a violation of the elasticity of the skin. They can occur at any age and regardless of the physique of a person. Most often they appear on the abdomen, hips, buttocks, but sometimes they can appear on their hands. Stretch marks, which only recently appeared on the skin, usually red or bluish-violet, older stretches look like whitish stripes.

main causes stretch marks this – pregnancy, improper diet, constant weight races. How to prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the skin? Since childhood, you need to train yourself to proper nutrition. This will not allow you to recover, but will help maintain weight in one condition.

Also it is necessary to go in for sports, to constantly keep the muscles in tone. And most importantly, consume as much water as possible. If they did appear, then a certain set of procedures can be used. This is a complex process, since the stretch marks are not on the first layer of the skin.

The most effective remedy against stretch marks is a powder of the body sponge. It is necessary to dilute one packet of powder with water to a mushy state. Before application it is good to steam out the problem areas of the body, it is best to rub with a brush or a stiff washcloth. Apply a mixture to the wet body. Wrap food film and hold for thirty minutes before redness of the skin. Then rinse with cool water. Two days later the skin is peeling off. This procedure should be done 1 once a week.

The final touch is the application of anti-cellulite cream with mummies. This cream can be prepared by yourself. Mummy is a good tool in the fight against stretch marks. Pulverize two tablets mummy in a baby cream. Add to the resulting mixture of five drops of essential oils. Use citrus and olive oil, as well as vitamins A and E. Mix well the mixture and store it in the refrigerator.

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