How to quickly remove gel-lacquer at home

How to quickly remove gel-lacquer at home
Now the procedure of applying gel-varnishes to the nails becomes more and more popular. This coating is characterized by the fact that the gloss lasts up to two weeks, even with frequent contact with water and detergents. However, not everyone has the opportunity to constantly visit the nail salon to remove the gel-varnish. If this is not possible, you can remove it at home.

Necessary components for removing gel-varnish

To remove gel-varnish it is necessary to purchase a liquid for removing varnish containing acetone, cotton wool discs, food foil, nail file and an orange spatula for care of the cuticle.

If desired, you can buy a variety of professional products sold in specialized stores: a gel-varnish remover instead of the usual liquid for removing varnish, winding instead of cotton wheels. The tools do not need any special functions, so you can purchase the simplest ones.

How to remove gel-varnish

First of all, it is necessary to process the nails with a nail file in order to remove the top layer of varnish – gloss. Do this carefully, so as not to damage the nail plate. Fingers to the second phalanx are lubricated with any fat cream. He will not let acetone get absorbed into the skin.

Then, wet the cotton discs with a liquid to remove the varnish and tightly apply them to the nail. A small piece of foil wraps a finger. The foil allows the disc to fit more closely to the nail and does not allow the acetone to evaporate. Repeat the procedure with each fingernail and leave for 15-20 minutes. During this time, the gel soaks and rises in the form of a film. Remove it from the nail is not difficult.

Removing the foil, work with each nail separately. If you remove it immediately from all fingers, the gel-lacquer can harden again. After removing the foil, remove the gel-varnish with an orange or other wooden stick. Use metal objects is not recommended, they can damage the nail plate. If the gel-varnish has not completely gone off, after several minutes it is necessary to repeat the procedure. Tear off pieces of varnish is impossible because of the danger of damage to the nail.

After 10-15 minutes after the procedure, the polishing blade is leveled with light, short movements. The nails should be absolutely dry by this time.

After all the procedures, wash your hands with warm water and brush your nails with oil for the cuticle. Now the nails are ready to apply a new coating.

In order to restore the nail plate after removing the gel coating, you can use nail polish with a strengthening and restoring effect.

The described process of gel-varnish removal in Home conditions It is simple and does not require large expenses. It saves time and money. The removal of the gel will take about 1 an hour. If you act extremely accurately, nails and cuticles are not injured.

Thus, gel-lacquer and high-quality persistent manicure become more accessible for those who do not have time for regular visits to the nail salon.

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