How to quickly remove eye swelling

How to quickly remove eye swelling
The skin around the eyes is very sensitive. She is the first to react to unbalanced nutrition, excessive alcohol consumption, and water retention in the body. Edema in the eyes look very ugly, but they can be quickly removed with the help of folk remedies.

You will need
  • – tea;
  • – a cucumber;
  • – milk;
  • – egg white;
  • – cream "Lyoton";
  • – Heparin ointment.
The most accessible way is tea compresses. Ideal is tea from chamomile, but if it is not, then green or ordinary black tea will do. Brew two sachets in a cup, cool to an acceptable temperature and apply cotton swabs soaked in tea to your eyes for 10-15 minutes. This can be done for preventive purposes, if you have a tendency to swelling.

You can remove the swelling from the eyes, applying to them well-chilled metal spoons. Spoons can be placed in a glass with ice or just to hold for a while in the freezer. This method is convenient because it can be used both at home and in the office.

Put on your eyes a slice of cold cucumber. Cucumber perfectly draws water, and, moreover, still calms the skin and relieves redness. You can use cucumber juice instead of slices, dipping a cotton swab into it. This procedure will be even more effective. But remember that to remove eye swelling, all lotions and compresses should be done only from cold foods.

If you have a bag of milk in the refrigerator, then it can also be used for "first aid" to the eyes. The algorithm for your actions is the same: two cotton swabs are dipped in milk, put on your eyes and hold for fifteen minutes. Tampons need to be changed as soon as they warm up. Otherwise, the effect of the procedure will be significantly reduced.

The next item from your refrigerator, helping to cope with swelling is egg white. It should be shaken and applied to the area around the eyes as a mask. This will not only take away the swelling, but it will also help you cope with small wrinkles, since the protein is rich in B2 vitamin.

In case of emergency, heparin ointment (or Lyoton cream) can be used. Apply it all over your face like a normal cosmetic cream. This will remove edema very quickly and effectively, but it is often not necessary to use it without the doctor's recommendation.

If you have swelling all too often, be sure to check the hormonal background, the work of the cardiovascular system and the kidneys.

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