How to quickly remove circles under the eyes

How to quickly remove circles under the eyes
Circles under the eyes spoil the face, age for several years. They appear for various reasons (nedosyp, tears, allergies, stress), and the first reaction, when we find them in ourselves, is the desire to get rid of them as soon as possible. We will postpone the reference to the specialist cosmetologist for later, now we face the task of removing the circles under the eyes quickly. There are several proven ways.

Grate the raw uncooked potatoes with a small grater, squeeze lightly and apply to the eyelids. Quietly lie down 10-15 minute. Rinse your face and neutralize with neutral cream. For greater effect, you can add a spoonful of flour and a similar amount of milk to the potato mush. By the way, warm mashed potatoes will help, but not so fast.

Brew 1 a teaspoon of sage herb in half a glass of boiling water. Let it brew under the lid for 15 minutes. Then one part ostudite (you can add cold boiled water or throw an ice cube), and let the other remain warm. Soak in a warm solution of the 2 cotton pad and put them on the eyelids for 3-5 minutes. Then soak the 2 cotton pad in a cold solution and put them on your eyelids instead of warm ones. It will be a contrasting compress. is he good stimulates blood circulation, and circles disappear.

Еще один народный recipe. Slice finely parsley greens, lightly remember them to make juice, and put on eyelids. Place cotton wool on top discs and a warm kerchief. The mask will act after 15-20 minutes. Do not be alarmed if you find that the skin is slightly green in place of the mask. Greens can easily be removed with a cotton swab dipped in vegetable oil.

Visually, blood circulation around the eyes is activated with a mask of sour cream, cucumber and coriander. Fresh cucumber and coriander finely chopped and mixed with 1 dining room with a spoon sour cream. The mask applied to the eyelids is held for 15 minutes, after then rinse, soak the face with a soft towel and apply a moisturizing cream. This Mask helps even with very pronounced circles under eyes.

And, of course, the old and trouble-free method of fighting with circles under the eyes – lotions of black or green tea.

A few tips for the frequent appearance of circles under the eyes. In your diet should be enough products containing vitamin C, it strengthens the walls of blood vessels. And your eye cream should necessarily contain vitamin K, it prevents the appearance of bruises under the eyes, which can be caused by excessive blood flow to the eyelids. Walls of blood vessels will also strengthen food additives, which contain an extract of grape seeds.

When choosing a face or eye cream, pay attention to the label. Give preference to those that contain collagen, hyaluronic acid, caffeine, green tea extract and manganese.

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