How to quickly remove cellulite

How to quickly remove cellulite
Once the Renaissance artists admired charming dimples on the body of women, with pleasure they depicted them on their canvases. Now they do not find anything charming in the dimples, moreover – they were recognized as a disease, a disadvantage. Such changes are called cellulite. Women try to get rid of bumpy skin in all possible ways. It should be noted that this is a rather complicated process.

Do not be fooled and do not become slaves to cosmetics and beauty salons. In order for the skin to become smooth and beautiful again, it is necessary to make efforts. If you are persistent and goal-oriented, the result will appear soon enough.

Sometimes cellulite appears in slender and slender women. It is formed in adipose tissue. Therefore, if you want to get rid of bumpy skin, you still have to start lose weight. Only no express diets, fasting and other extreme! Choose the right healthy diet, in which proteins, fats and carbohydrates are balanced. Reduce consumed portions.

Go in for sports, otherwise against cellulite you will not get rid of it. It is necessary to increase physical activity, so that fat begins to go away. Start with the simplest – from walking and running. The condition of the skin and the body is very beneficial for swimming.

Чтобы увеличить приток крови, улучшить кровообращение, усилить лимфодренаж, необходимо ежедневно принимать контрастный душ, особенно на те участки тела, где находится целлюлит. Делайте это утром и вечером, если можете – сразу после занятий спортом или интенсивной прогулки.

A good tool in the fight against cellulite является массаж. Вы можете делать его самостоятельно или отправиться к опытному массажисту. Существует вакуумный и медовый массаж. Вы можете выбрать любой, ведь главное – хорошо разминать кожу, не бояться шлепков и перекатов. Массаж достаточно болезненный. Учтите, что легкими поглаживаниями вы ничего не достигнете, ведь он не должен быть приятным, после этой процедуры кожа должна покраснеть и гореть. Тогда можно быть уверенным, что все это проделано не зря.

The most important thing is to do all these procedures (diet, sports, shower and massage) in the complex, do not expect that massage once a week can solve your problem. Also, do not trust different wraps, creams and serums. Cellulite is a structural problem, and no half-measures will help you get rid of it. The more intensively you engage in all these procedures, the faster you will be able to see the results.

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