How to quickly remove a bruise

How to quickly remove a bruise
Strong pressure on soft tissue or bruises lead to the inevitable appearance of bruise. And especially unpleasant, when it is formed in a conspicuous place. In anticipation, when the entire period of its "flowering" will pass, it may take about a week. But it's too long to endure such an "ornament". Therefore, it is better to immediately apply several means to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

You will need
  • – cold;
  • – a gel or a powder of a water sponge;
  • – grass chamomile, nettle, St. John's wort;
  • – картофель, корень хрена, черная редька.
Immediately after the injury, attach to the damaged area a metal object or a bag filled with snow or ice. Under the influence of cold, narrowing of the blood vessels will occur, which, in the end, will stop the spread of hemorrhage under the skin.

Elimination bruise start with the first minutes after the impact. Use for this purpose both pharmaceutical products and traditional medicine. And for greater efficiency, alternate them. The dissolving action is possessed by a sponge. It can be purchased at the pharmacy in the form of a gel or powder. Apply it at the time recommended in the instructions, but also, watch for the individual reaction, as it can cause irritation. However, if such problems do not arise, use it often. Bodyguard is considered the best remedy for bruising.

В качестве примочки для устранения bruise use a mixture of grated horseradish root and black radish, as well as the pulp of raw potatoes. In the form of gruel, apply them on 20-30 minutes several times a day. For the same purpose, a concentrated broth of chamomile, nettle, St. John's wort is suitable. Brew 1 tbsp. 0,5 a glass of boiling water and after infusion, soaked cloth in it, apply on a bruise.

P "P" SЏ fastth resorption bruise use thermal procedures. They increase blood circulation, as a result, the restoration of damaged vessels occurs more quickly, and the period of "flowering" bruise is cut in half. Apply a pouch of hot salt, a hot egg, or, if there is a medical paraffin, melt it in a water bath and after it has cooled to 65 ° C, apply it in three thin layers. Cover with cellophane, cotton and attach a terry towel, and if possible, bandage. After 20 minutes, carefully remove the spatula and smear the skin with cream.

If, despite all efforts, the bruise does not pass and, moreover, becomes crimson, consult a doctor, since this sign can be associated with skin infection.

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