How to quickly make up your eyes

How to quickly make up your eyes
Often it is the eyes that attract the attention of men to a woman. To emphasize their depth and attractiveness will help competently applied makeup. It is important to be able to qualitatively, and in some situations and quickly make your eyes irresistible.

You will need
  • – eye shadow;
  • – mascara;
  • – a pencil for podvodki;
  • – liquid eyeliner;
  • – cotton buds;
  • – Brush for feather shading;
  • – corrector;
  • – powder.
Подберите для себя подходящую косметику. Тени нужно выбирать в зависимости от цвета глаз. Для голубых или серых подойдут спокойные, пастельные тона, темные глаза лучше накрасить контрастными, насыщенными цветами. Карандаш для подводки лучше выбирать тонкий и мягкий, а вот тушь для ресниц подбирайте в зависимости от ваших предпочтений. Она может быть удлиняющая, объемная, с эффектом подкручивания или же водостойкая. Вам также могут понадобиться ватные палочки и кисточка для растушевки теней.

Before applying makeup, the skin around the eyes should be pre-prepared. Disguise the dark circles with a corrector, powder the upper eyelids.

Bring your eyes a clear and even line. Begin to lead it from the inner corner of the eye, close to the edge of the eyelashes. It can end at the outer edge of the eye, or you can make "arrows" – bring the line a little further than the outer edge. Instead of a pencil, liquid liner can also be used, but using it requires certain skills, since it dries very quickly, the line drawn to it is difficult to correct. Therefore, if you need to make makeup quickly, it is better to use a pencil after all.

The next stage is the application of shadows. The upper eyelid can be stained by any method – either with special brushes, or cotton buds, or simply with hands. Choose the shade according to the type of your skin – for oily skin, dry friable, dry – liquid, dense shade is best. To put the tone you need in the sequence from the lightest to the darkest tone. Dark shadows shade the outer corners of the eyes, and the eyelid under the eyebrows and inner corners brighten. This will give your view more depth and expressiveness.

Mascara is usually applied last. For the best effect and long-term effect of your makeup, apply it twice. It is also important to ensure that eyelashes do not stick together during drying. Finally, comb them with a clean brush for the carcass.

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