How to quickly make hair long

How to quickly make hair long
Do hair long in the shortest time will help only build up artificial strands. But caring for them is difficult enough, so it's easier to grow your hair, although this will take a long time.

You will need
  • – vitamin complexes and fish oil;
  • – The massager;
  • – sea salt;
  • – mustard;
  • – red pepper and cream;
  • – Shampoo.
Start taking vitamin complexes and brewer's yeast. If you have an individual intolerance of any components, choose the drugs in which they are absent. Help to accelerate growth Hair Remedies, богатые цинком, кальцием, фосфором и фтором. Отдельно употребляйте рыбий жир in capsules. Over time, you will notice the result.

Clean the skin with fine salt, preferably sea salt. The scales of the necrotic epithelium also accumulate on the head, which makes it difficult to feed the hair bulbs with oxygen. Salt rub into the roots after washing, then carefully rinse the curls under running water. After that, apply a balm rinse. The procedure should be repeated every 7-10 days.

Do a head massage. For this purpose, use a special massager. If you do not have one, do массаж руками. Захватывайте hair у корней между пальцев и слегка тяните – это усилит приток крови к корням, что положительно скажется на росте волос.

Use for washing your head special shampoos that stimulate hair growth. You can buy them at most pharmacy points.

Наносите на кожу головы репейное масло, а если локоны повреждены, распределяйте его по всей длине. Процедуру проводите несколько раз в неделю. Постепенно локоны станут здоровыми и блестящими, а также начнут быстрее расти.

Apply to help mustard mask. Add in 20 ml of Shampoo 1 a teaspoon of mustard powder. Dampen hair and apply shampoo, lightly massage and rinse. A positive effect is observed from the use of a mask of pepper. Take 30 ml of creamy cream and add a pinch of red pepper. Stir well and apply to the roots of the hair. Perhaps a slight burning sensation, which will gradually pass.

Have enough patience. Hair on average grows to 2-3 centimeter per month. If you do not want to wait, go to the beauty salon to build.

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