How to quickly make curls

How to quickly make curls
If you want to change your hairstyle and give your appearance more enthusiasm, a wave will come to the aid. You can get attractive curls not only in the beauty salon, making long-term chemistry, but also at home, through available funds.

You will need
  • – щипцы для завивки волос;
  • – curlers;
  • – hairdryer;
  • – fixing means for hair.
Самый легкий и быстрый способ сделать curls – this is to use hair curlers (curling iron). Divide the hair into layers, fastening the top on the crown with a hair clip. From the bottom layer, separate the strand 1,5-2 cm, sprinkle it with hairspray and twist it on the heated tongs. After 1-2 minutes, loosen the strand and begin to curl the next, gradually moving to the top layer of hair. Curling all hair, give them the desired shape and re-fix them with varnish.

To curl the hair there are various curlers: Conventional curlers (with elastic band, foam rubber, boomerangs, etc.). Divide the hair into even strands and apply a fixative to them. Screw the strands on the curlers and heat them with a hair dryer. After 15-20 minutes, dissolve the hair and fix it again with varnish.

Thermal crawlers. Dip them in boiling water and wait a few minutes. Twist the strands in turn, each time pulling the curlers out of the hot water. Wait until the hair is completely cooled, and dissolve them. Fix the hairstyle.

Electro-curlers are similar in action to thermal immersions, but they do not need to be lowered into boiling water, since they have a thermal rod. To use them, turn on the heating box and wait until the indicator light comes on. Dividing the hair on even strands, wind them on hot curlers and wait 15-20 minutes, after cooling off, remove them and form a hairdo.

You can curl your hair with one hair dryer. To do this, wash your hair in the usual way, dry it a little with a towel and apply a fixative (foam or mousse). Dry hair on high heat, constantly squeezing them with the palm of your hand or winding it on your fingers. This method is more suitable for waving with the effect of wet hair.

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