How to quickly make a daytime make-up in the evening

How to quickly make a daytime make-up in the evening
If after a working day you have a party planned, you do not have to take all the cosmetic stuff with you. To create an evening image, you will need only a few basic tools. So, let's proceed from the fact that you have already applied a light daily make-up on your face – tone, blush, mascara and neutral shadows.

You will need
  • – powder; – shadows of a saturated shade; – light pearl shades (golden, beige, pinkish); – a color eyeliner; – Ink; – a bodily pencil for lips; – transparent lip gloss; – cosmetic brushes, puff.
Apply powder to the T-zone. In the evening, after a whole day indoors, the person must "shine". Powder will return the skin dullness and give a well-groomed appearance. For this procedure it is more convenient to use a puff than a brush. With a powder puff lies more precisely and tightly. Also powder the eyelids to the eyebrows.
The area of ??the T-zone is the forehead, nose and chin center

The rule of any make-up – we emphasize either lips or eyes. Bright lips are not for everyone, so consider the second option. Apply rich shadows on the mobile eyelid, over the "daytime" shadows, and slightly beyond its border. Tender towards the outer corner of the eye. "Daytime" shadows will play the role of the base, giving a shade of brightness and stamina. Apply a thin line of saturated shadows on the 2 / 3 of the lower eyelid, leaving the inner corner of the eye unpainted.
When you open your eyes, a beautiful color halo should form around them

By evening, fatigue can accumulate in your eyes. To hide it, select the inner corner of the eye and the center of the mobile age with light pearly shadows. For greater expressiveness, bring your eyes to the inner edge with a colored pencil.
Black pencil is better to replace on color

Do not necessarily repaint your eyelashes again. As a rule, for a day, mascara can only fall off from the tips of the eyelashes – and lighten them with light twisting movements.

The bodily pencil for the lips will emphasize their shape and prevent spreading of the shine. The flesh color will not catch your eye, even if you are not quite a pro in applying a clear contour. Select the "tick" on the upper lip and extend the contour to the right and left of the center. Similarly, lower your lower lip. If the contour is too sharp, soften it with patting movements.
The procedure for applying a lip contour

Накрасьте губы прозрачным блеском. Если у вас розоватая кожа, подойдет розовый блеск cold shade. Yellowish and swarthy complexion requires caramel or flesh gloss.

Evening make-up is ready!

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