How to quickly lose weight in a week at 7 kg

How to quickly lose weight in a week at 7 kg
People suffering from fullness are often interested in how to lose weight in a week at 7 kg and as quickly as possible to find the desired figure. To achieve this, you will almost completely change your current lifestyle.

Please note that the opportunity to lose weight for a week at 7 kg is available only for a certain type of people. First, these are those whose weight significantly (at 20-30 kg) exceeds the rate characteristic for the current age and body height. Secondly, you can include people who for some reason quickly gained excess weight, although they were not inclined to fullness, for example, because of illness, pregnancy, taking hormonal medications or the appearance of the habit of constant overeating. Other groups of people will not be able to achieve such a result in a short time.

To reset 7 kg per week, you need to completely revise your diet and meal schedule. It is best to temporarily switch to a fruit and vegetable diet. For breakfast, 1-2 orange or orange juice is well suited. After 2-3 hours, eat the 1-2 banana as a second breakfast. For lunch, prepare a vegetable salad from several fresh tomatoes and cucumbers with vegetable oil. To taste, you can add radish, onions and greens. For an afternoon snack, eat an apple or a pear. For dinner, you can prepare a fruit salad of oranges, kiwi, apples, peaches, bay low-fat yogurt. Such a diet will well relieve the body, remove stagnant harmful substances and significantly reduce fat deposits.

It is impossible to lose weight on 7 kg for a week without serious physical exertion. If before you did not go in for sports, before the beginning of a diet and the program of exercises it is necessary to prepare an organism. For several days, make morning and evening jogs, supplementing them with a small charge for warming up and strengthening the muscles. Also make a training plan for the week for which you want to lose weight as much as possible.

To quickly get rid of excess weight, it's better to sign up for the gym. 1-2 times a day on the treadmill at an average pace, trying to increase the distance daily and slightly increase the load. In the same way, work on an exercise bike. Use the simulators on different muscle groups to bring them into a tonus (so the training should be done after a day). Do at least 10-12 exercises in 3-5 approaches.

Focus on the muscles of the legs (squats with small weight, flexing and extending the legs sitting), hands (lifting dumbbells from a different standing position), chest (thrust in the simulator sitting) and back (block traction by the head sitting, hyperextensions). Pay special attention to the straight, lower and lateral muscles of the press, performing flexion and extension of the body in the sitting position, as well as raising the legs on the crossbar. Exercise should be before the sweat and burning sensation in the muscles. After each workout, take a hot shower and, if possible, attend a relaxing massage session.

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