How to quickly lose weight by summer

How to quickly lose weight by summer
The spring sun melted the remnants of snow, summer is just around the corner, so it's time to prepare not only a wardrobe, but also your own body. To do this, you will have to radically change the diet and add exercise, without which it is impossible to tidy muscles and model the figure.

Do not try grow thin for one week. Hungry diets can give a quick result, but it will be short-lived. In addition, you can undermine your health, because for the normal functioning of the body you need a rational and nutritious diet. The only thing that can be done is to reduce the amount of calories consumed.

The most rational way to fast losing weight, the results of which will persist for a long time – this is to consult a dietician and make a menu based on your weight, age and concomitant diseases. Obesity refers to the disease, and just like with any disease, treatment with a specialist is required.

If you do not plan to contact a dietician, refuse fatty, fried, reduce the amount of fats and food of animal origin, the basis of the diet should be plant food, instead of meat temporarily use soy substitutes, count the kilocalories, eat fractional and often.

In addition, do not drink alcohol that contains a large number of empty calories and promote appetite, all salads fill with soy sauce, limit the intake of table salt as much as possible, drink plenty of water, mineral water without gas, green tea without sugar.

Unfortunately, only by reducing the number of kilocalories can not do. To speed up the metabolism, to strengthen the effect of dietary measures, you will have to move more. Winter physical inactivity has become the cause of excess weight, so in the spring, start the morning with a charge and a contrast shower. More walking, sign up for a fitness center, where, under the guidance of an experienced specialist, you will not only lose weight, but also be able to model the figure in a short time. All physical exercises should be performed at a fast and rhythmic pace. Only this method can achieve positive results. Monitor the pace in domestic conditions very difficult.

Visit the beauty salon to take a course of chocolate wraps. Before the procedure, you will be stripped of the body, made a massage, then covered from head to foot with bitter chocolate with a high content of caffeine, wrapped in thermal cellophane bags. In one hour your volumes will be reduced by 1 cm, muscles will be tightened, the skin will look smooth and elastic. The complete wrapping course consists of 10-15-20 procedures, at the request of the client. If there is enough cellulite in problem areas, you will be able to completely get rid of it.

Комплексное weight loss will help you to get in shape, and by the summer you will look just fine.

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