How to quickly lose a couple of extra pounds

How to quickly lose a couple of extra pounds
Longer holidays or family feasts not only create a joyful feeling, but also impose an imprint on the figure. A few extra pounds do not allow you to get into your favorite skirt or trousers, spoiling your mood. How to lose weight in a few days without harming the body?


Arrange a day off

If you only have a few days left, and you just need to get into jeans, try a one-day unloading diet. This method is good because it will take a whole day to suffer, and the result will be palpable.

There are many recipes for unloading days. The most delicious – apple. During the day you can eat no more than one and a half kilograms of apples. You can bake them, only without sugar.

Another option is unloading on the basis of dairy products. You will need a cottage cheese or yogurt. You can combine these two products together. In a day, drink no more than six glasses of kefir or 500 gr. low-fat cottage cheese.

Drink more water

It is water, not juice, tea or coffee. Water suppresses the feeling of hunger, and coffee or tea, on the contrary, causes a burning desire to chew something. In order for the extra pounds to go quickly, drink at least two and a half liters of water per day.

To prevent swelling, include in the diet natural diuretics. It will be necessary for several days to refuse long trips, but after all the favorite dress is worth it. Eat parsley, celery, ginger, lemons.

Move more actively

To lose weight in a few days, it makes no sense to start sports training. There is a wonderful way out – dance. At home or away, under cheerful, energetic music. You will not only delight the people around with incendiary dances, but also bring extra water and calories from the body.

Remember that in fast ways you can lose only a couple of kilograms. Practically all methods of rapid weight loss are not suitable for permanent diets. However, with their help it is quite possible to remove a few centimeters at the waist, placing all the same in your favorite clothes.

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