How to quickly increase hair

How to quickly increase hair
Nowadays, not only the hair color, but also their length and volume changes easily and quickly. A naughty girl with a short haircut can in a few hours turn into a romantic young lady with long curls. It is enough to visit the hair salon and make a hair extension procedure.

If you need to create a long hairstyle in the shortest time, you should resort to tape hair extension. It is performed in less than an hour and does not harm your natural hair, as it does not subject it to thermal or mechanical effects. In addition, the price for the procedure is quite democratic.

The procedure for tape building is carried out as follows. Natural strands in form of strips with a special transparent tape attached to your hair. The place of fastening is almost imperceptible, the curls look natural, beautiful. When the hair grows, make their correction, pasting the strands closer to the roots. This method has Cons. For example, the inability to make some hairstyles: places of bonding can become noticeable.

Others types of building more complicated tape, and time for such procedures should be more (up to 3 hours), but with their help you can achieve stunning results. They divide these methods into cold and cold ones. So, the Italian technology uses a hot technique: donor strands are attached to the natural by means of heated resin. At the attachment point, a transparent capsule is formed, almost imperceptible. Extensions are made during 2-3 hours, hair, worn long enough, about six months.

The Spanish method uses a special glue, which is also converted into a capsule. Although glue and light, he is deprived of transparency. Therefore, in the dark hair, the fastening capsule will be noticeable. The time of the procedure is 2-3 hours, and the "Spanish" hair is kept for about four months. And one more minus: the hair so grown up is spoiled and drop out from overheating, it is harmful salt water and hot sun.

Смесь клеевого и горячего наращивания – это английская технология: в ход идут одновременно смола и клей. Этот метод наиболее щадящий, низкая температура не травмирует ваши волосы. Процедура занимает около 2 часов. Но крепятся пряди недостаточно надежно, держатся не более трех месяцев.

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