How to quickly heal acne

How to quickly heal acne
Acne, which for a long time does not pass and become inflamed, can leave behind scars and small scars. If you have a pimple, try to get rid of it quickly with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs.

You will need
  • – iodine;
  • – salicylic alcohol;
  • – tincture of calendula;
  • – Aloe;
  • – Vishnevsky ointment.
Lubricate pimple iodine. If it is very sore, soak the cotton swab in the solution and hold it, attaching it to the eel on 3-5 minutes. If there are a lot of rashes on the skin, make a small iodine grid. Do not use zelenk – it is heavily washed.

Saturate the cotton pad in salicylic alcohol and attach it to the inflammation site for 5-10 minutes. The procedure is carried out several times a day. But the more often you process the inflamed skin, the faster she will heal. Also lubricate the problem place мазью с салициловой кислотой, чтобы добиться скорейших результатов.

Not bad helps in the fight against acne spirituous tincture of calendula. Use it in undiluted form for burning acne. To prevent the appearance of blackheads, dilute the tincture in the ratio 1: 3 with cold boiled water and use as a tonic. The liquid will be slightly turbid, but this should not embarrass you.

Take an aloe leaf, rinse and peel it. Apply to the pimple and fix with adhesive plaster. Keep the bandage all night. In the morning you will notice that the reddening subsided.

With strong abscesses, Vishnevsky's ointment will help, but it has a peculiar smell that not everyone likes. If you have a purulent abscess, apply ointment on it, cover it with a small piece of bandage.

Если после исчезновения угрей на коже остались красные следы, попробуйте избавиться от них с помощью скраба. Через день очищайте лицо пилингом с фруктовыми кислотами – это будет стимулировать клетки к обновлению. Постепенно тон выровняется. Если у вас есть возможность, обратитесь к косметологу, чтобы решить эту проблему.

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