How to quickly grow long nails

How to quickly grow long nails
Руки являются визитной карточкой женщины, поэтому очень важно поддерживать ногти в красивой и здоровой форме. Иногда нужно ускорить процесс роста ногтевой пластины и сделать красивый маникюр.
Ногти нуждаются в регулярном уходе и использовании различных средств для их укрепления и улучшения структуры. Для прочных и длинных ногтей необходимы витамины и микроэлементы, которые поступают в организм с продуктами питания или в процессе проведения косметических процедур. Недостаток этих веществ приводит к повышению ломкости, расслаиванию пластины.

The woman independently chooses and gives to nails the certain form by means of a file. After this, the nail care begins immediately. If the plate is damaged, the growth of the nails may be disrupted or completely stopped. In this case it is recommended to consult a specialist to choose an effective treatment.

Of course, the fastest way to give length to the nails is to build. A professional master uses modern technology and makes female fingers beautiful and well-groomed. But it is worth noting that after such a procedure, regular adjustments are required. Also when removing such nails can not do without the help of a specialist.

After removing the accrued nails requires a long period of time to restore your own nail plate.

To stimulate the growth of nails in Home conditions good results are provided by medical nail polish, which feeds the plate with necessary substances, activates internal processes, strengthens and thickens the structure. It is applied to clean and dry nails in several layers. If desired, any decorative varnish can be applied from above.

It is very important to eat right. There are products that accelerate the growth of the nail plate. First of all, these are products with a high content of fatty acids (linseed oil, fish oil) and protein (fatty fish, vegetable oil, nuts, seeds, chicken breast, meat). With their regular use of nails grow much faster, reduces brittleness, increases elasticity. Useful for nails is vitamin B5, the source of which are brewer's yeast, grains, egg yolk, milk, beans and nuts.

We must not forget about the water balance in the body. Lack of moisture leads to deterioration of the nails, skin, hair.

Promotes the growth of cuticle massage and skin around the nails. This allows you to activate metabolic processes, improve blood circulation in tissues. To do this, you need to massage the area of ??the nail daily using several drops of castor oil or olive oil. In a month the nails will become stronger, longer, will acquire a beautiful and healthy color.

At home, try rubbing the root and cuticle special composition: 2 st.l. apricot oil, 1 tsp. almond oil, 5 drops of geranium oil, 2 drops of rose oil. Mix the ingredients and use every evening before going to bed. The remaining product should be stored in a glass container in a cool place.

For rapid growth of nails, remember simple tips:
– when washing dishes using detergents, use rubber gloves;
– in the winter season, hands and nails require increased nutrition and moisturizing;
– Regularly cut uneven edges to avoid further damage to the nail;
– After removing the varnish with a special liquid, give the nails a little "breathe", and then apply a new layer;
– give up the habit of gnawing, because in this case it is unlikely to grow beautiful marigolds.

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