How to quickly grow beautiful long hair

How to quickly grow beautiful long hair
Rapid hair growth depends on the natural characteristics of the body. If there is a genetic predisposition, then it will not be difficult to grow beautiful long hair. If not, then it will take time and careful care.


For fast hair growth, the right diet is necessary. Without the necessary nutrients and vitamins, the hair will be dull, dull and lifeless. Therefore, you should avoid using too sharp and fatty foods. Limit coffee and give preference to natural juices, fruits, fresh vegetables. It is necessary to diversify the menu with products containing zinc, magnesium and potassium.

Healthy hair

Before the beginning of the process of growing, you need to make sure that the hair is healthy and do not have any problems. Even split ends can reduce all labor to naught, because they will have to be constantly cut and the resulting length will be completely invisible.

Do not abuse folk remedies and apply them every day. Hair will begin to suffer from an overabundance of nutrients. It is just as harmful as a lack of nutrients.

Masks for hair should not be done more often than once every three days. Or arrange an intensive course – for a month every day keep on the hair for an hour, and then take a break for three months.

Means of care

An important point in hair care is the use of the right combs. The best option is to buy a wooden comb. It is necessary to abandon iron and plastic, because from them the hair will be electrified. In the evenings, you can arrange an aromatherapy session – drop a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the comb and gently comb your hair.

Before washing the head, it will be helpful to lightly treat the scalp with a special scrub. To do this, slightly soak with water about a spoon of common salt and add a couple of drops of essential oil. Movements should be soft. Do not be too zealous, because you can injure the skin and this will lead to the appearance of wounds.

For rapid hair growth should be discarded even soft gum. Twisting and contraction of the hair will not give the desired result, as they will always be deformed and lose the tendency to develop. It is better if the hair is always disbanded or braided in a braid.

Shampoos, masks, vitamins

You should check the detergents and leave only those that really fit the hair. A good option is the use of natural organic shampoos. They are softer to clean the scalp and do not have harmful Laurelsulfate in their composition.

To stimulate the growth of perfect tincture of hot pepper and mustard masks. They will increase the flow of blood to the skin. You can rub nicotinic acid (it is sold in ampoules in a pharmacy), tocopherol and retinol acetate, oil tinctures. Especially rich in mineral substances are coconut oil and jojoba oil. They should be applied to the ends of the hair to protect from cross-section.

But remember that the oil flushes out the paint, so if the hair has been painted, the color can quickly come off. For the time of hair growth, it is better not to use chemical paints, it is worth switching to shade means or staining with henna or basma. With their help, you can achieve a variety of shades, and at the same time they have a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair.

Drying hair

Separately worth mentioning the use of hair dryers and ironing. They severely damage the skin, as they dry it and are one of the causes of dandruff. Therefore, it is necessary to abandon these remedies and allow the hair to dry naturally.

Following these tips and rules, you can quickly grow hair without resorting to expensive and complex procedures. For the sake of beautiful long hair, it is worth the patience and some effort. The result will be the true reward for all the labors.

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