How to quickly get rid of wrinkles

How to quickly get rid of wrinkles
The facial skin is constantly exposed to aggressive environmental factors that change its structure. It becomes less elastic and loses its former elasticity, wrinkles appear. And you want to get rid of them, because they remind you of your age, that years pass by taking your youth with you. Of course, you can not stop the time, but thanks to some cosmetic tricks and secrets, you can slightly slow down the aging process.

Чтобы избавиться от глубоких морщин и предотвратить появление новых, постарайтесь меньше подвергать кожу лица воздействию солнечных лучей, особенно область вокруг глаз. Носите солнцезащитные очки, перед сном регулярно увлажняйте кожу специальным кремом и делайте легкий массаж.

In the fight against wrinkles, masks from natural essential oils and aloe vera are effective. They can be purchased at a pharmacy or domestic conditions. Take a few sheets of aloe, squeeze out the juice from them, put it on your skin and leave for half an hour. Do this procedure every other day. Essential oils can be used every day.

Mimic wrinkles can appear yet in youth. The areas around the mouth and on the forehead are the most affected. Against such wrinkles will help vitamins and nourishing masks, which give elasticity to the skin. For example, cucumber. Pass one cucumber through a fine grater, add the egg white and apply the mixture on face for 15 minutes.

The most serious problem is deep wrinkles. And an experienced cosmetologist will help you to cope with them. Typically, wrinkles are removed in several ways: laser grinding, chemical and hardware pilling. First consult with a specialist who will help you choose the most suitable option. Also modern cosmetic companies release special cream from wrinkles (anti-aging cosmetics). Effectively help and mask from sour-milk products and fresh vegetables (especially tomatoes).

Еще одной проблемной зоной женского тела является шея. Она всегда выдает возраст женщины. Избавиться от морщин на шее сложно. Для этого каждый день делайте легкую разминку вашей шеи, откажитесь от высокой подушки. Хорошо помогут контрастные компрессы, делайте их регулярно хотя бы раз в день. При этом через каждые три минуты оборачивайте свою шею попеременно горячим и холодным полотенцем.

As a last resort, you can resort to the help of plastic surgeons, which will help get rid of wrinkles quickly and for a very long time.

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