How to quickly gain weight to a girl

How to quickly gain weight to a girl
Perhaps the most urgent issue for women today is the decline weight. In connection with this nutritionists have developed a lot of programs, however, the question of speed dialing weight seems to be no less important problem. It is clear that all the "recipes" for increasing body weight are based on more caloric nutrition, muscle building. But even here there are enough nuances that you should know to ensure that the process of recruiting weight was not only effective, but also useful.

Your food should not only be high in calories, but also healthy. Otherwise, with your diet, you will only harm yourself and your figure. Do not abuse too fatty foods, it is better to increase the portions of the dishes usually taken. Eat more high-calorie foods: milk (3,5% fat), sour cream (25% fat), cream.

For breakfast, cook milk porridge with butter. Eat more flour products (cakes, gingerbread, cakes, white bread, pasta), washing them with milk or hot tea, as well as potatoes, sugar and various sweets (chocolate). Fill salads with vegetable, olive or soybean oil. Eat at least 4-5 once a day with small equal intervals between meals.

Weight gain will help you and fruits such as bananas, melon, apricots, peaches. Arrange yourself a small snack between the main meal, for example, a portion of ice cream can not only improve your mood, but also give the energy that your body needs.

To avoid the formation of the so-called "beer belly", visit the gym at least 3 once a week. Develop a special exercise program with the instructor to increase muscle mass. Classes with weights (for example, dumbbells) will help you with this. They stimulate the metabolism of cells, change the metabolism in the body.

By loading muscles, you lose energy, due to this there is a natural need for high-calorie food. The time of training in the hall should be at least an hour a day. Exercises should be aimed at developing the muscles of the hands and feet (problematic parts of the body are lean girls).

No less important is the process of recovery after training. It includes food and sleep. It is necessary to make up the calories you have spent. This can be done with the help of fatty dairy and meat products. Restore the power will help and a prolonged sleep (7-8 hours per day). The correct process of recovery between training will help you quickly and easily gain weight.

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