How to quickly, easily and beautifully make a haircut yourself

How to quickly, easily and beautifully make a haircut yourself
Many girls can rightly be proud of the great gift of nature that they possess, and completely free. This gift, without a doubt, her hair. Of course, hair is very different. Some beautiful ladies attract the attention of others with their long, smooth, silky hair, while others – cheerful and mischievous curls, the mere presence of which increases the mood and gives the surrounding people a feeling of freshness, immediacy and never ending a good holiday. Hair can be dark or light, short or long – it does not matter. Any type of hair for all their "diversity" combines one thing: they require good care. That's how you can keep your gift – beautiful hair – healthy, beautiful and shiny.

Leading stylists of the world predict that very soon the fashion will include romantic curls, which will give flirtatiousness and attractiveness even to respectable ladies. Men past such women can not pass without paying attention to them. For everyday life, styling with curls does not take you much time and effort. To give such a hairstyle of liveliness and playfulness will be a combination of light curls and tight locks that need to be slightly disheveled with the fingers.

Classic beam

One of the popular hairstyles is a bunch that decorates the heads of the most famous divas in the world. And this is not surprising – because this hairstyle is suitable for all types of hair and any age category. Depending on where you have the beam, it can be strict "a la teacher", and maybe coquettish, laid loose and decorated with accessories. Curly hair allows you to build a bunch with several, released from it, curls, which is easy to do with the help of hairpins. If you pick up studs with jewelry in the same style with earrings, it will create a one-piece exclusive image. The French bundle is a bunch, located quite low, with a tail released. This hairstyle makes the woman graceful and stylish.

Fashionable heels

The current season is marked by the return of fleece, as one of the most fashionable trends. It is gratifying that any haircuts are suitable for its creation. The main rule is not to overdo it. A simple hairstyle with the execution of a nap is easy to do their own hands. It is necessary to prepare a comb with a sharp handle and a varnish for fixation.

The basic laws of creating nachesa say that small strands should be kept in position across the forehead, and wide – along. Naschesyvanie starts from the roots, in the movement of the comb, three times, from top to bottom. Then it retreats about two centimeters and everything repeats. The decoration of this hairstyle can be ribbon, braid or bezel.

Hairstyle Crown

Twisted strands are always very interesting. Hair, laid in the type of the crown, attracts attention to the face. It seems that the woman has lost a few years. Do these hairstyles with the help of wax. Hair is divided into any parting, depending on your preference. I want only to note that the chubby and having a slightly heavier chin is better to refuse direct selection.

It is necessary to separate a small strand from the total mass of hair from one side of the parting and twist it towards the occipital part, picking up other strands along the way. This process needs to be done on the other side of the parting and decorating the ready hairdress with fashionable ornaments in the form of flowers or decorative hairpins.

Hairstyles in retro style

Modest, romantic girls who prefer retro-style outfits tend to stick to this line in hairstyles and accessories. They should look to the mid-twentieth-century styling, when Hollywood beauties flaunted in luxurious outfits on the floor.

In order to implement such a hairstyle, you do not need a lot of time. Clean moisturized hair is treated with mousse for styling hair, dried by a hair dryer and combed on the side part. Now it remains only to wind curls with a curling iron or a thermobooth. The optimal hair length for such a hairstyle is medium, below average and long. This styling allows you to fantasize: dissolve the curls on the shoulders, collect the whole mass on one shoulder or take it back and fix it with a beautiful barrette.

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