How to quickly dry your nails

How to quickly dry your nails
The appearance of the hands plays a big role in the life of women, so that nails looked more attractive, the beautiful half of humanity uses lacquer. Not always the coating dries up as quickly as we would like. In this case, try to speed up the process in accessible ways.

You will need
  • – Quick-drying varnish;
  • – varnish or spray;
  • – cold water;
  • – fan or dryer;
  • – nail polish remover;
  • – a liquid for dilution of a varnish.
Use quick-drying varnishes if you are always in a hurry somewhere. Quality directly depends on the price, so if you want to have the perfect manicure – do not skimp on it. Also, you will receive special lacquer or spray spray. You can meet him in many stores at a very attractive price. Apply it on top of the usual varnish – this will help reduce the drying time of the coating several times.

Поставьте флакон лака в холодильник на 30 минут или на 10 минут в морозильную камеру. Во-первых, сохнуть после этого он будет в два раза быстрее, а во-вторых, покрытие получится ровным и гладким. Если лак слишком густой, добавьте в него немного специального растворителя. Не используйте для этой цели ацетон – он испортит лак.

Sand nails with a soft nail file. The smoother the nail plate, the faster the varnish dries. Do not forget to remove the remnants of "dust" by wiping nails degreasing liquid.

Apply a thin layer of varnish. If there is not enough pigment in it, and you want to get a saturated color, cover nails 3 layers. After applying each, wait until it dries.

Accelerate the drying process of varnish with appliances that blow cold air. Suitable as a hair dryer, and a fan. Do not hold the appliance too close to the nails, the surface of the coating may deteriorate or become blistered.

Lower nails in a basin with cold water for a few minutes. After that, you do not need to wipe your hands. As soon as moisture evaporates, apply gently to the nails olive oil or cream. Wait a few minutes and check to see if the lacquer has dried out, tapping the nail lightly with your fingernail.

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