How to quickly dry your nails at home

How to quickly dry your nails at home
Every woman at least once in life faced with a situation where it is necessary to do something urgently, to run somewhere, but a manicure has just been made and, with the slightest careless movement, it threatens to smear. That is why in this case, most of the fair sex have their own methods and tools that help in a short time to dry the nail polish.

How easy it is to dry the nail polish

Now in shops it is possible to find every possible means which accelerate process of drying of a varnish. For cases where you need to quickly dry your nails, you can buy, for example, a special spray or a tool that can be applied just like a brush, like a varnish. The application of such products to the marigold significantly reduces the drying time of the varnish.

How to dry your nails quickly

If you have made up your nails, but you did not have any special tools for quick drying of the varnish, there are other ways to do this in a short time. For example, you can quickly dry the lacquer with cold water. All that is required of you is to pour cold water into a wide container and place the painted marigolds there. The drying time of the manicure depends directly on the water temperature – the colder it is, the less time you will need to achieve the desired result.

Alternatively, to dry the nail polish, you can use a hairdryer: turn on the device, adjust the temperature to a minimum and place under the air stream of the marigold. The disadvantage of this method is varnish, which usually does not last long. Another effective way to quickly dry the nail polish is to use olive oil. Apply the lacquer, wait for it to slightly die, then carefully apply not every nail a bit of oil and leave for about five minutes. At the end of time, rinse your nails in cold water. In general, it is worth remembering if you want your manicure was beautiful and durable, try to allocate to it for at least half an hour of your time, these 30 minutes will be enough to make a neat manicure and give the lacquer on the nails to dry properly.

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