How to quickly dry the nail polish at home

How to quickly dry the nail polish at home
Sometimes you have to hurry, paint your nails quickly and quickly dry. There are special means for drying nails, which can be purchased in stores. But what if there is no such means in the house? Simple home remedies come to the rescue.

For 20 minutes before applying the varnish, place the vial with the varnish in the refrigerator. Apply a nail polish to the nail. It will dry faster than the lacquer at room temperature.

The second way is to use the increased air flow. It can be a cold hair dryer or fan. A good effect is also given by active flies by hands. Alternatively, a pneumatic cleaner can be used. Pneumatic cleaner is a cylinder with a compressed mixture of gases, designed to clean the keyboard, hard-to-reach places of the computer's system unit. But you can use it for emergency drying nails.

The third available means – cold water, more precisely ice. The colder the water, the better. You can add ice cubes to the water. Pour water into a bowl and gently lower your fingers into the water. Keep in water for several minutes.

Method No. 4 is a vegetable oil. It is better to take olive oil, but sunflower or any other vegetable oil – peach, almond, wheat germ oil – is also suitable. Drop a drop of oil on a fresh manicure, after a few minutes, rinse under a stream of water. You can use a kitchen oil dispenser for the same purposes.

The ultraviolet lamp dries well. It is necessary to hold painted nails under the lamp 2-3 minutes.

In order to quickly dry your nails, place them in the freezer for a few seconds. This method, at first glance, seems strange, but in efficiency it exceeds the way of drying with ice water. At low temperatures, the lacquer hardens faster.

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