How to quickly dry nail polish

How to quickly dry nail polish
Often there are situations when you need to dry up urgently polish for nails. In a natural way, you can not do it as quickly as you would like. Therefore use handy or professional means for quick drying polisha.

You will need
  • Контейнер, холодная вода, лед, фен для волос, растительное масло, лак или спрей для быстрой сушки.
Make a bath. In the container pour cold running water, you can also add crushed ice. The lower the water temperature, the faster it will dry out polish. Immerse the fingertips in the liquid and hold 5-10 minutes. After this time, get your hands out of the water and dry naturally. Do not need to wipe your fingers with a towel, so you can ruin a manicure. For the same reason, do not dry polish under a stream of running water.

Take vegetable or olive oil. Apply it a thin layer on a slightly dried polish. After a few minutes, rinse your hands under a stream of cool water and dry. Oil not only promotes rapid drying of decorative polishbut also to the effective nutrition and softening of the cuticle.

Используйте фен для волос, чтобы высушить polish. Many modern models have a "cold air" function. Do not dry it in any way polish hot air flow. In this case, he quickly cracked, and you have to redo the manicure. Apply decorative coating and allow to dry for a few minutes. Then turn on the hair dryer and bring it to the nails for a distance of 10-15 cm.

Купите профессиональное средство. Это может быть polish for quick drying or a special spray. Usually they are used in beauty salons. These funds allow not only to quickly dry the decorative coating, but also to give it a special shine. Apply polish on painted ногти и оставьте на 3-5 минут. Если вы решили воспользоваться спреем, запомните, что его нужно распылять на расстоянии не менее 20-25 см.

That polish faster than sow, it must be correctly applied. First, degrease the nail plate. Dampen the cotton swab in the stripping fluid polishа и протрите каждый ноготь. Не стоит забывать про шлифовку. Такая обработка делает ноготь гладким и позволяет продлить срок маникюру.

Put polish в холодное место на несколько часов. Затем можете приступать к маникюру. Это необходимо для того, чтобы покрытие ложилось тонким слоем и быстро сохло.

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