How to quickly clean your face in 2018 year

How to quickly clean your face in 2018 year
To maintain the skin of the face in a healthy and fresh condition, it is necessary to clean it every day from decorative cosmetics and dirt. Quickly remove make-up or dirt with the help of special cosmetics.

Use a cosmetic soap. This washing will help to get rid of skin pollution. Closely monitor your feelings. The use of soap should not cause a feeling of tightness and discomfort.

If you have very dry or inflamed skin, it is better to give up soap. It is better to buy a special cleansing oil for washing. Put a few drops on his face. Then sprinkle it with water and let it drip. Under the action of the product, a milk emulsion is formed with an unusually delicate texture. It perfectly removes the remnants of cosmetics and any dirt. Clean with normal warm water after use.

Remove makeup with cosmetic milk with a fat content of 20-30%. Thus, you can easily remove dirt and particles of decorative cosmetics. Apply the product to the skin and distribute it evenly over the entire surface. Then remove with a napkin.

Washing milk use differently. Apply it to the face and rinse the product with the make-up warm water. Do not use additional cleansers.

Wipe face with lotion. To do this, apply a liquid to the cotton disc or napkin and remove any dirt from the skin surface. Do not forget that there are alcohol in the lotions. His percentage in such funds can be different. So, owners of oily skin need a lotion with an alcohol content of 15-25%, women with fading or dry skin – no more than 6-8%.

Для умывания используйте пенку. Нанесите немного средства на влажное лицо, вспеньте и смойте теплой водой. Так вы удалите все загрязнения с кожи. Пенку можно заменить эмульсией. Она отличается тем, что в ее составе больше жира. Этот нюанс предусмотрен для людей с сухой и высокочувствительной кожей.

На лицо нанесите немного геля и вспеньте его водой. Полученную обильную пену смойте. Гель хорошо очистит кожу. Благодаря своей нежирной текстуре он подойдет для людей с любым типом кожи.

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