How to quickly become beautiful

How to quickly become beautiful
If you always want to look great, master the art of quick make-up. Having the necessary cosmetics in stock, you can lighten your face and hair. Fifteen minutes for everyday make-up and half an hour to prepare for the grand opening – and you still have time to choose a suitable outfit.

You will need
  • – спрей и лак для волос;
  • – wax for styling;
  • – moisturizing cream;
  • – Foundation;
  • – blush;
  • – lip gloss;
  • – Lipstick;
  • – mascara;
  • – Colored shadows.
Протрите кожу тоником без спирта and apply a little moisturizer. Slightly beat it with your fingertips. While the cream is absorbed, go to the hairdo. Comb your hair, sprinkle them with a spray for styling or apply a little mousse. Screw the strands into large curlers on Velcro.

Apply a light foundation or make-up base to your face. She can matte the face or give it a light glow. You can try a novelty – a cream that combines the functions of tone, care, corrector and highlighter. After its application, the face immediately looks well-groomed. In addition, the shade of this cream easily adapts to the tone of your skin and does not create sharp color boundaries.

Thoroughly tone the tone. Quickly disguise the problem areas, pinpointing them on a tight proofreader. It is not necessary to cover every speck, it is enough to hide dark circles under the eyes or suddenly appeared pimple. Powder the skin with a light rasypnym means with the help of a large fluffy brush.

In two broad strokes, apply a blush on the cheekbones, shading them to the temples and chin. Choose calm tones – plum, pinkish-beige, dark pink. Instead of blush, a tan powder is suitable – it will make the face more lean and expressive.

For ages, apply a little dark powder or beige-brown shadows. Tint your eyelashes with black, extending mascara, and apply a soft gloss on your lips.

Remove hair curlers from hair, sell locks with lacquer and whip them with your fingers. Lightly smooth them with a comb. Now the hair can be pounded into a careless bunch or left to fall freely on the shoulders.

If you want to quickly turn day makeup into the evening, remove the remains of makeup with cosmetic milk and tonic. Apply a cream with the effect of lifting on the skin, and on top of it put a thin layer of a foundation of satin texture.

Under the eyebrows, add radiant glare with the help of hailer or shadows. Smooth your eyebrows with colored wax. The upper eyelid is covered with liquid shadows of dark gray, marsh-green or chocolate shade. Wait a few minutes until the shadows are dry.

Correct your hair. Sprinkle it with a spray or hairspray and beat the curls with your fingers, slightly twisting them. Gather the hair in a tourniquet and pin it high on the back of the head. Rub in the palms of a little wax and fix them ends of the strands, laying them with rings. Decorate your hair with a large decorative hair clip.

На ресницы нанесите два слоя объемной туши. Подчеркните скулы темными румянами, тщательно растушевав их. Слегка припудрите скулы блестящей пудрой. Обведите контур губ карандашом, покрасьте их помадой, а в центр нанесите каплю золотистого блеска для придания губам пухлости.

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