How to put yourself in order as soon as possible

How to put yourself in order as soon as possible
Sometimes it is vital to bring your face in the most attractive look very quickly. For example, if you have a date with a man of your dreams in half an hour or suddenly assigned an interview.

There are a number of common problems that can significantly spoil the appearance, but fighting with them will not take much time.

Синяки под глазами

Bruises under the eyes are signs of inadequate skin hydration. Apply on this area a cream with vitamin K, and the blue disappears before your eyes. This cream is able to immediately restore the balance of moisture in the skin, so it works so well.

Then use the corrector. Carefully approach the choice of shade: if the applied remedy looks like whitish blotches on the skin, take the concealer to a shade darker, and if it goes into yellow, choose a lighter option.

Before applying the corrector, put on the area under the eyes of a drop of cream with a gel texture and allow a couple of minutes to absorb. Apply the corrector on the brush and apply pressure to the problem area with pressure, then rub it gently with your fingers.

Flowing eyelids

Look for products containing caffeine or extracts of chamomile and green tea. Such substances can quickly cope with swelling. For lack of such, use the following method.

2 tea bags soak alternately for 5 minutes first in hot water, then in cold water. After that, put them on your eyelids and hold 7-10 minutes.

Also, the cucumber slices superimposed on the eyelids will have a good effect. Cool ringlets will quickly cool the skin and absorb the swollen swelling.

If these methods do not help and in the mornings your eyes still look edematous, refuse night care and start doing lymphatic massage. This is useful not only for the eyelids, but for the whole face. The instructions for the implementation and the scheme of movements for such a massage can be found on the Internet.

Skin peeling

Peeling is a sign that your skin is in desperate need of moisturizing. That's why you need several tools at once, which will help to restore this omission. After washing, apply moisturizing serum, and on top of it a cream with the same effect. A couple of times a week, make masks for deep hydration of the skin. By the way, you can make such a mask at home from improvised means.

Вам нужно смешать овсяные хлопья с половиной столовой ложки оливкогового масла и теплой водой и нанести эту смесь на лицо. Держать 5-10 минут. После окончания процедуры смыть маску прохладной водой.

Carry thermal water with you and spray it on your face every time you feel tighter. Also, do not wash with hot water. It is better to use water at room temperature.

Faint complexion

Here, a mask with antioxidants, as well as whey with vitamin C or hyaluronic acid, hurries to you at the home. Unfortunately, the effect of such measures will be temporary.

Also you can make a face mask from the products that you find in your refrigerator. As a "derivative material" suitable lemon or strawberry. Just cut into slices and place on your face for 15 minutes. After rinse everything off with cool water and apply a cream with a high SPF level.

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