How to put your heels in order

How to put your heels in order
After a long and cold winter, the skin becomes drier and rough, especially on the soles of the feet. And putting on for the first time summer open shoes or sandals, you are disappointed to notice that the appearance of the heels leaves much to be desired. Fortunately, this is all fixable. There are reliable and proven methods that can make even the most corrupt heels soft and pink, like a baby.

Do everything well in advance

To avoid jumping and restraining from boots to jump into summer sandals, you need to take care of the beauty and health of your feet beforehand. Therefore, for the feet, which are not in sight, but always in hard work, it is necessary to carefully and tirelessly take care of the whole year. Then привести в порядок heels by the summer will not be difficult for you. And if the heat in the street, and your heels with yellow, chapped or even cracked skin, then start to act quickly.

Salon pedicure

Самый «ленивый» и действенный вариант – посетить салон красоты и сделать качественный педикюр. В том случае, когда ваши пяточки сильно запущены, довести их до идеального состояния будет возможно только за несколько косметических сеансов. Аппаратный педикюр, куда входит обработка всех пальцев и ногтей, удаление мозолей и натоптышей. Помимо этого вам предложат парафинотерапию, массаж стоп, другие полезные и приятые процедуры. Но посещение косметического кабинета имеет и свои минусы. Ведь такой поход заберет ваше время и деньги. Если у вас дефицит того или другого, можно своими силами подготовить ступни к лету дома.

How to clean your heels at home

The first home procedure pedicure должны быть ванночки для стоп. Налейте в тазик горячую воду (40-43 градуса), добавьте туда жидкое мыло и 2-3 капли эфирного масла. Подержите ноги в воле 10-15 минут. Затем воспользуйтесь пемзой. Она снимет самый огрубевший слой старой кожи.

Blot clean feet with a towel and let them dry. When your heels are completely dry, take a saw for processing the heels and a large grater qualitatively grind the skin of the feet, especially in the places of corns and old dry calluses.
It is best to do this in the bathroom, because dust from the dead skin will be many. Periodically you can slightly moisten the skin of the feet, but not the blade itself.

After the grinding procedure, rinse your feet under warm water and apply abundantly to the feet a nourishing cream or a special mask to soften the skin of the feet. After that, put on cotton socks and wear them for several hours. It is best to do this procedure before going to bed and go to bed in socks.

Such a home peeling should be done 2 times a week, and wash your feet and lubricate them with a nutritious and emollient cream – every day before going to bed. In this way, you can put your heels in order for the summer for 10-12 days.

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