How to put on lenses

How to put on lenses
Contact lenses are one of the most popular means of correcting vision (not counting surgical intervention). Lenses have many advantages over glasses, for example, they do not limit the field of view, protect the eyes, are comfortable, increase visual acuity, etc.

For many people who use contact lenses daily, putting them on is common. What can not be said about the newcomers who have just purchased these products to replace their usual glasses. The main thing that is required when dressing lenses is to follow all the recommendations below and to overcome your fear of touching the eyeball.

Removing lenses from a container

The first thing to do is to remove the items from the container. There is absolutely nothing complicated in this. Pick up tweezers with a rubber tip or special silicone scissors and gently remove the lens from the blister.

Pay attention to the location of the lenses, if one of them or both slightly adhered to the blister itself, then before this procedure just shake the container lightly so that they occupy a free position.

Cleanliness of hands

Naturally, for such a procedure it is necessary to take care of the cleanliness of the hands. It is not enough just to wash them, it is also necessary to wipe them dry, and only with such a towel that leaves no fibers. Ideal option – wafer.

Be sure to follow and ensure that on the hands of nebylo no cosmetic and cleaning products that can irritate the eyes.

As for the length of the nails, it is much more convenient wear lenses, if the marigolds are short, but with long nails, you can perfectly adapt to this procedure. The main condition is that they are clean.

Condition of lenses

Before you wear the lens, you need to make sure that the product has no defects, such as scratches or cracks. If you find a marriage, then postpone the product, it is not suitable for wearing. Replace the lens with a good one.

Once again, inspect the lens, but already on the presence of contaminants, using electric light. If there are any points on it, wash it with a sterile solution. Remember, you can not use ordinary tap water.

Wrinkle and face lenses 

The last thing you need to pay attention to is the inside and the face of the products. If the lenses are positioned correctly, they have the shape of a cup, incorrectly – saucers.

Wearing contact lenses

After all the above rules have been observed, you can proceed to the procedure itself.

It is necessary to take a lens, place it on the index finger (right-handed – to the right, left-handed – to the left), then place the middle finger of this hand on the lower eyelid and slightly pull it down. With the index finger of the other hand, raise the upper eyelid slightly. It is in this position, you need to carefully place the lens on the eyeball, slightly cover the upper eyelid and blink. Similarly, you need to do the same with another lens. For convenience, the procedure can be carried out in front of the mirror.

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