How to Puncture a Language

How to Puncture a Language
The language piercing has long been a common occurrence among young people. But it is always worth remembering that any punctures and incisions are traumas, the consequences of which can be the most deplorable. Before deciding on a similar procedure, you need to ask all friends who already wear jewelry in the language, and listen to the recommendations of medical experts.

You will need
  • – Decoration for piercing.
The procedure for puncturing the tongue is quite painful and dangerous. Several days after it it is difficult to talk and eat. Piercing can forever ruin your diction and deprive some of the taste sensations.

Trust the procedure only for professionals in the salons with a license for this type of activity. After all, if you puncture one of the large arteries, you will lose a lot of blood. And doing piercings in domestic conditions, you can also infect the infection. There were cases when the procedures ended in a lethal outcome.

If you have survived the puncture very happily, it's still too early to sigh with relief. In the process of wound healing, suppuration and inflammation of both the tongue itself and the tissues of the neighboring ones can occur. Often there are gingivitis, stomatitis and paradontitis, especially if the procedure was conducted by an unskilled specialist.
Pay attention to redness, severe soreness, pus from the wound, swelling of the tissues and other similar phenomena. Noticing at least one of the symptoms of inflammation, urgently go to the clinic.

If the piercing is carried out in unsanitary conditions, you can become a victim of more serious pathologies. Physicians are faced with the consequences of unskilled punctures, such as infectious inflammation of the heart, hepatitis B and AIDS.

Examine the place where the piercing procedure is performed. Pay attention to the sterility of the conditions and the accuracy of the specialist, his clothes. Surgical instruments should be disposable.

Carefully select and decorate yourself for the piercing. Experts recommend the products on the bars of flexible plastic and titanium. Only they can provide safe hypoallergenic wearing and quick healing. Decoration choose, based on the thickness of the tongue and the depth of the puncture. The recommended size is 18-25 mm.

Barbells of this length will not interfere with you during healing, rub and disturb the wound. The first 2-3 weeks you will need to have on hand an antiseptic solution to care for piercings. Rinse their mouth after each meal. Do not eat sharp, salty, sour and hot dishes. In the morning after brushing your teeth and in the evening before going to bed with a cotton swab, lubricate the hole with Miramistin.

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