How to pump up the buttocks to a woman

How to pump up the buttocks to a woman
Beautiful buttocks want to have every woman. This will help correct physical activity. To maintain the tone of the gluteal muscles, you can both in the gym and at home. It is important to systematically train the buttocks and do not give up. Results can be seen in 1-2 weeks.

You will need
  • Gym mat or soft home carpet, dumbbells, skipping rope.
The most effective for creating beautiful buttocks squats. Take dumbbells, place your palms with them near your shoulders. Start делать squats. The number of repetitions of the exercise depends on the physical readiness women.

Stand upright in hands dumbbells. Lead back straight leg, and raise your hands up. Repeat with the other foot. Stand near the wall, do swings at hand first one, then the other foot.

Take the rope, jump on two legs. Start with 2-3 minutes Occupation. Every day try to do more repetitions. Gluteal muscles are very fast get used to the load and it must be constantly increased.

Stand on your knees, take one leg back and keep it parallel to the floor. Do the flies with an outstretched leg, without touching the floor. Repeat the exercise with the other leg. Sit on the rug, stretch your arms in front of you. Walk on the buttocks forwards and backwards. Be sure to use the exercise – thrust one leg forward standing.

Лягте на спину, положите руки вдоль тела. Ноги поднимите под прямым углом и имитируйте езду by bike. Gradually speed up the pace until you get tired. Place the feet near the buttocks, place one foot on the knee of the other leg. Raise your lower body, change your legs.

Being at work, in public transport, doing household chores, watching TV can also be trained. Stand up straight, strain the buttocks, endure to fatigue, and then relax them. Repeat the exercise while you feel comfortable.

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