How to pump up a press: the most effective exercise

How to pump up a press: the most effective exercise
There are many exercises that pump the press. Raising your legs to the crossbar is one of the most effective. It is checked not only personally by me, but also by many my clients.

This exercise can replace whole training complexes. All that is needed: a bar and a bit of time.

In order to pump a beautiful, ideal press, you should perform this exercise as follows:

1. First of all, it is necessary to warm up the muscles of the trunk with various turns and inclinations for ten minutes. This is a very important point, because the exercise itself is quite difficult.

2. Now exercise. It is necessary to hang on the horizontal bar and start producing lifts, slightly bent legs to the crossbar. Do two to four approaches, three – four times a week. The number of lifts per approach is the maximum. It is not necessary with the first training, to do a large number of approaches, counting on a quick result. So it is possible and to overstrain. Two approaches, in the first two weeks will be quite enough.

It is worth noting that it will be very difficult to perform an exercise for an unprepared person. Even for experienced athletes, it is not easy to lift your legs several times to the crossbar. Therefore, at the initial stage, it is necessary to do lifts of the bent knees. Hips should touch the chest. After several such exercises, you can complicate the task, and try to bring straight legs to ninety degrees, trying to keep them in this position, the maximum amount of time. This exercise is called the angle.

The first result will appear in a few weeks. But, do not stop. When you begin to produce more than ten lifts to the crossbar, there is an opportunity to complicate the exercise: to do the lifts to the corners of the bar.

As in any other sport exercise, it is important to monitor breathing. When lifting the legs – inhale, during descent – exhale.

This exercise has long proved itself on the positive side, however, very few people use it in their training, because it is considered very difficult, especially for the female. But if you do everything gradually and accurately, you can make good friends with him and get excellent results, spending only twenty minutes for training. It is quite quietly combined with other types of exercises on the muscles of the trunk. It is performed several times a week, every other day.

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