How to pull the hair in the nose

How to pull the hair in the nose
Hair в bow are a natural barrier that protects the human body from dust and bacteria. They protect against many diseases and maintain the necessary level of moisture in the nasal mucosa. However, in situations where the hairs begin to grow intensively and come out, it is necessary to take urgent measures to remove them.

You will need
  • – nail scissors;
  • – tweezers;
  • – alcohol;
  • – триммер для носа;
  • – antiseptic.
One of the most popular and painless methods of getting rid of unwanted hair in bow является их обрезание. Возьмите небольшие маникюрные ножницы с закругленными концами лезвий и продезинфицируйте их с помощью спирта. Обязательно очистите нос от выделений и загрязнений. Аккуратно введите ножницы в ноздрю и состригите лишние волоски. Не стоит clip the hair too short or hold a haircut often. This can provoke damage to the nasal mucosa and make you extremely sensitive to infections and allergies.

You can pull unwanted hair with tweezers. Before the procedure, it must also be carefully treated with alcohol. Hair removal by this method is quite painful. In addition, hair pulling seriously injures the inside of the nose, and open wounds can provoke inflammation. After pulling out the hair with tweezers, disinfect the damaged surface with an antiseptic.

Если проблема излишних волос в bow has acquired for you a permanent character, buy a special trimmer for the nose. The choice of these devices is wide enough, and you can easily pick up what will suit you for quality and price characteristics. Many models of trim tabs are equipped with illumination, which greatly facilitates the procedure of cutting. During the use of the device, be limited to removing only those hairs that are visible from the outside. Do not insert the trimmer very deep into the nose. Make sure that the surface of the device is as close as possible to the inner nose, this is the only way to ensure a good hair removal. After completion of the procedure, rinse and disinfect the trimmer.

Провести качественную очистку носа можно в косметологическом кабинете. Специалист с помощью крема-эпилятора или лазера избавит вас от нежелательных волос на достаточно длительное время.

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