How to provide full-scale care for curly hair

How to provide full-scale care for curly hair
By nature, curly hair is unique. They are the main decoration of a person. To make them obedient, you need to learn how to take care of them properly.

The most common problem with curly hair is its stiffness, which leads to the fact that the hair is difficult to lay down. To make your hair soft and supple, use a mask for every wash of your head. If you have too soft and thin hair, try using white henna. It will strengthen the curls and make them more elastic. Do not forget that curly hair due to its structure is particularly sensitive to various chemical influences. If you often straighten or lighten them, be sure to systematically restore them. Pick up your hair care products that provide a protective layer.

Choose a shampoo for yourself. Study its composition. If you need to soften and moisturize hair, отдавайте предпочтение средствам, которые содержат натуральные масла солодки, жожоба, кокоса, а так же цветки лотоса и василька. Моющие средства на основе шалфея и хрена помогут восстановить и укрепить структуру ваших локонов. Откажитесь от использования шампуней, увеличивающих объем. Они негативно сказываются на структуре вьющихся волос, поскольку приподнимают чешуйки. После длительного их применения кудряшки станут более ломкими.

Strongly nourish your hair with various balms and special masks. These agents form a protective layer along the entire length of the hair.

Pay special attention to combs. Choose your own specimens with sparse teeth and anti-static coating, so that your hair is not magnetized. Comb first the tips of the hair, then gradually rise to the roots.

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