How to provide eye care

How to provide eye care
Eyes are the mirror of the soul and the epicenter of external attraction, so women dream of having a skin around the eyes of the well-groomed and young. However, after thirty years, the first wrinkles in the area begin to appear due to the absence of subcutaneous fat. Start paying attention to the skin around the eyes from an early age, because the problem is easier to prevent than wrestling.

You will need
  • – light cream or gel;
  • – Milk for removing makeup;
  • – cotton swabs;
  • – potatoes;
  • – parsley;
  • – chamomile;
  • – gauze;
  • – Calendula flowers.
Very carefully refer to the choice of means for skin care around the eyes. For this light and moisturizing gels and creams, as well as special natural oils, which are sold in pharmacies, will do. Their choice is very large, so it will not be difficult to find the most suitable remedy (according to age and skin features). Pay special attention to the composition of cosmetic products, since eyelids can swell and blush if the cream contains lanolin. Preferably, the creams contain vitamins E, C and A, as well as copper and retinol. These substances act slowly, but effectively, penetrating deep into the skin and stimulating the production of collagen, thanks to which the skin around the eyes becomes more elastic.

The cream in the tube retains its useful properties for longer, since it interacts less with oxygen (which can not be said о креме in a jar). Apply cosmetics to the eyelid area twice a day, in the morning after washing and in the evening after removing makeup. Apply a gel or cream with a pad of an anonymous finger, accurate tapping and light movements. Do not rub the product, so you can stretch the delicate skin.

A good effect on the skin around the eyes is provided by rubbing it with an ice cube. This procedure perfectly moisturizes the skin and tones it, increasing elasticity and elasticity, increasing blood flow. In addition, the ice will help to wake up completely in the morning and feel much more cheerful. To prepare the cubes, pour clean drinking water into special molds or ice packs. To get the best result, you can freeze the broth of chamomile, parsley or mint. Chamomile will have an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, will make your eyelids more elastic. Parsley prevents the appearance of wrinkles and improves blood circulation in the vessels.

Натрите один средний и очищенный картофель на мелкой терке, добавьте к кашице измельченную в блендере зелень петрушки. Тщательно перемешайте ингредиенты, заверните в слой марли и приложите к области глаз. Через двадцать минут умойтесь теплой проточной водой и смажьте кожу специальным легким кремом или гелем.

Compresses from flowers of calendula prevent the formation of wrinkles, since this plant is very rich in organic acids, essential oils and carotene. To prepare a compress you need a tablespoon of flowers, which should be filled with a glass of boiling water, cover and insist for thirty minutes. Strain the infusion, moisten in it cosmetic disks or cotton swabs and attach to the closed eyelids for fifteen minutes.

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