How to provide care for sensitive skin

How to provide care for sensitive skin
Sensitive skin needs special care. Sun rays, wind, sharp temperature drops dry it. As a result, the skin appears painful redness, scaly patches.

All procedures for the care of sensitive skin begin with the cleansing of the face. Choose for yourself for these purposes the most sparing means. Mousses and foams are best. Drying is promoted by gels and lotions, so it is better to refuse them. Also an excellent option for cleansing is cosmetic milk. Purge every day in the morning and evening.

After washing, moisture from the skin should be removed correctly. Do not rub your face with a towel. You just need to gently blot them a drop of water.

After carrying out water procedures, give your sensitive skin a healthy appearance. To do this, buy a tonic in a pharmacy or a specialized store. They are usually made in the form of whey or clear liquid.

Daily, before going to bed, apply moisturizing cream to your skin. The choice of this cosmetic is very individual. However, there are two permanent rules. For sensitive skin is not recommended to buy cream intended for oily or combination skin. Such remedies can cause irritation, as they dry and tighten the epidermis. Day cream choose the one that in its composition contains a sunscreen filter SPF. Thanks to this component, the product helps to protect the sensitive skin from the negative effects of the rays.

Try to keep your skin hydrated all day long. Try using thermal water. It is usually released in the form of a spray, which means that you can always carry a balloon in your purse and sprinkle your face as needed.

In order to maintain the beauty and health of sensitive skin, you need to eat right. Try to consume as little as possible fried food. Remember that vegetable oils and animal fats exposed to high-temperature processing negatively affect the skin condition. Do not eat foods with caffeine and exclude alcohol from your diet. Increase the consumption of foods containing a large number of vitamins, vegetables and fruits. Every day, drink a teaspoon of linseed oil cold pressed. It contains fatty acids that improve the skin.

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