How to protect yourself from sunlight

How to protect yourself from sunlight
With the onset of the first warm days, many seek to travel to nature to spend time in the sun, dreaming eventually to get sunburnt skin. But not everyone imagines that ultraviolet rays, the source of which is the sun, are a threat to human health. So how do you protect yourself from sunlight?

Before you go to nature or on holiday to the sea, you need to learn a number of rules that will help you avoid unwanted radiation and burns, which often turn into cancer skin disease. Always wear a hat with wide brim or panama and sunglasses.

It is necessary to enjoy the sun baths within reasonable limits. As you know, you can stay in the sun until 11 hours in the morning and after 16 hours, because at this time the sun's rays are less active. The first exit to the beach should not be more than twenty minutes, then you can gradually increase the time spent in the sun.

Самой надежной защитой от солнечных лучей являются кремы или спреи, которые необходимо наносить на тело толстым слоем за 20-30 минут до выхода на улицу и повторно через каждые один-два часа. В солнцезащитных кремах содержатся вещества, которые позволяют блокировать поступление ультрафиолетового излучения в глубокие слои кожи.

Means with a degree of protection 2-4 are designed for people with tanned or dark skin; from 5 to 10 – those who have the ability to quickly sunbathe and without burns; more 11 – for people with sensitive and pale skin (this tool can also be used for children).

Do not forget that the skin of the face is the most sensitive and tender. Therefore, choose the means for a person with the highest degree of protection. A separate care requires and skin of the lips, take with you on the trip hygienic lipstick with a sunscreen. On hot days, you need to drink more fluids, do not allow dehydration.

Легкая одежда с длинными рукавами – идеальная защита от солнечных лучей. Уделяйте особое внимание шее и ушам, они обгорают быстрее, нежели другие участи тела. В спортивных магазинах можно приобрести специализированную одежду, которая не пропускает ультрафиолетовые лучи.

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