How to protect yourself from split ends

How to protect yourself from split ends
The fraying tips give your hair a poor and unhealthy look. Of course, they can be cut, but the problem is not solved – the hair will be further cut, become brittle and lifeless. Therefore, they need special care.

The curling hair is the damaged hair. If you examine the curl under the microscope, you will see the split ends of the hair split in two. They become such because of a lack of vitamins of group B, abuse of stowage, forceps and ironing, and also under the influence of coloring agents. If you do not pay attention to this disturbing symptom, the hairdo will turn into a sloppy hay of dried hair, similar to hay.

Owners of short haircuts this problem is unfamiliar – the ends of the hair are often disturbed by long-haired beauties. A healthy hair is covered with a thin film that protects it from harmful substances and high temperatures. This "cover" is called the cuticle. If its integrity is broken for one reason or another, the hair begins to separate, signaling the presence of trichological problems.

Of course, to get rid of split ends, you have to shorten your hair on 2-3 cm. But to preserve the beauty and health of your hair, you need to take the following preventative measures.

Замените химические краски для волос на натуральные красители. С их помощью можно не только получить красивый, насыщенный и стойкий цвет, но и укрепить волосяные луковицы, избавиться от перхоти и чрезмерной жирности.

Use quality shampoos and rinses, not soap or shower gel. Today, in the cosmetic market, there are many products labeled "Shower gel + shampoo – an economic tool 2 in 1". Do not fall for the tricks of advertising – the alkaline balance of such a tool can provoke such problems with the scalp and her scalp that the split ends seem to you a shallow nuisance. Buy vitaminized shampoo with vitamins B6, PP and lecithin.

Хотя бы раз в неделю ополаскивайте волосы натуральными травяными отварами. Заварите смесь 1 ч.л. липы, 2 ч.л. мяты и 1 ст.л. ромашки аптечной 1 литром кипятка, остудите и используйте вместо привычного ополаскивателя.

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