How to protect the skin from sunburn

How to protect the skin from sunburn
In summer, human skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays, under the influence of which a person forms vitamin D in the body, improves metabolism, stimulates the activity of the nervous system. However, it should be remembered that being under the sun for a long time, your body is in danger.

People with dark skin have so much melanin in their bodies that can protect a person from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays. But it should be remembered that the time spent in the sun should not be long. Light-skinned people should take care of their skin in the summer. To do this, you must stop tanning.

Следует помнить, что при воздействии ультрафиолетовых лучей кожа человека теряет упругость, эластичность и гладкость. Также могут появиться пигментные пятна, веснушки. Самая большая опасность – это рак кожи.

To protect the body from negative effects, it is necessary to sunbathe gradually. For example, people with swarthy skin in the early days can be in the sun 10-15 minutes; A light-skinned man, resting in the hot season, should use an umbrella. Favorable time for tanning is morning.

While in the sun, use a protective cream. When choosing such a tool, pay attention to the degree of protection, for example, people with dark skin should prefer a cream that has a degree of protection 2-4; a person with sensitive and light skin – more than 11. The cream should be applied to the skin for half an hour before going out. The procedure should be repeated every 2 hours.

To protect the body from sunburn, you can use folk remedies. Make a lotion of lemon. In cold water at 8 hours, put the sliced ??citrus. This remedy should wash the skin перед загаром.

Be sure to use hats and glasses when staying in the sun.

Suppose after sunburn you noticed that the skin reddened. In this case, make a compress of raw potatoes. Rub it on a fine grater and apply to the burned area for 20 minutes. Compress will reduce pain, prevent the appearance of blisters. Also you can wipe the skin with yogurt or powder it with starch.

Кожа сильно обгорела? Сделайте маску из листьев капусты. Для этого просто приложите их к обожженному месту. Также вам поможет сок алоэ. Разведите его с кипяченой водой в пропорции 1:1, смочите ватные диски и наложите на кожу. Процедуру следует проводить 2 раза в день в течение часа, меняя компресс каждые 5 минут.

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